The other day I got a great email from a client that got me thinking about how many of you guys really let your past and where you come from in life to prevent you from reaching great success in dating, in connecting to the opposite sex on a deeper level, and in making yourself an attractive and desirable man.

A lot of you get nervous around the kind of woman who you would like to date. A lot of you are intimidated and afraid of being rejected.

Here’s the email a recent reader sent me:

Hey David,

I purchased several of your products over the past year and just got done with the entire Men’s Mastery Series. I have been on a lot of dates with girls since then. Some have gone well, but I’m still having some problems. I get embarrassed way to easy, and I become very awkward around attractive girls.

I’m a fairly good looking guy (6’5 205 lbs blonde hair blue eyes 8% bf), I have a good job (stockbroker) and dress extremely well (Jermyn St. and Saville Row outfitters). I’m generally very funny and outgoing except when an attractive girl shows interest in me.

I’ve had this problem as far back as I remember and I’m fairly certain I know why I act this way. I have always been extremely embarassed by both of my parents. My mother is psychotic and my father is the town drunk. My father is a construction worker and my mother was a maid, I was always embarrassed of their jobs when I was a child because all of my friends’ parents had great jobs. I lived basically in a shanty and I never invited girls over because my house was always in shambles. As I got older my mother’s behavior took a turn for the worse. She had several incidents where she essentially had nervous breakdowns in public while I was in high school. Later she had an overdose on prescription drugs and I have had minimal contact with her since.

My father, on the other hand, has had numerous DUI’s and I was even slightly teased because of it. I moved across the country about a year ago and my confidence has improved considerably (before I couldn’t have even brought myself to buy your products without being embarrassed). I still have fears though. Any time things get serious with a girl now, I get nervous because I know that she will want to meet my family at some point. Then I become the same embarrassed child that I used to be. The sad thing is no one would ever suspect me to come from such a family of simpletons, by all accounts I appear as though I came from a well-to-do family.

Is there any way that I can shake this terrible habit? Please share with others if you think it would be of any help.


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