Last week I wrote an entry about Sexting. For those of you that did not read the post let me tell you what Sexting is.

Sexting is dirty text messaging that gets the recipient all hot and bothered and aching to see you ASAP. Anyone can learn how to Sext but you need to know when it is right to start the Sexting.

The only rule that you need to know prior to Sexting is that you must have already spoken about sex in a previous conversation or you are already having sex with this person. You can’t just lob a sexy text to someone who is not ready to handle it.

Here is a Sext exchange with a woman I recently dated. We met out one night when she was with her girlfriends and we had this heated talk about booty calls and the rules of the booty call.

We talked for about 2 hours and when I left the bar we exchanged numbers. So since I already broke the barrier and we had some heavy flirting going on I decided to send her a fun text the next day.

Here is the exact exchange between us:

DW: Hey….Did you hook up last night after I left?
SD: LOL…No did you?
DW: No…..It was our conversation that made me hot:) Why should some complete stranger benefit from that!

Do you see how I started this off? I actually took her back to the fun moment when we were chatting the night before. I did not ask her how her day was I went right past the small talk and decided to have some more fun. Keep in mind most men work backwards and play it safe.

Also look at what I wrote. I did not go for the kill and ask her if she was hot from last night. I teased her with my last sentence to see if she would take the bait and run with it.

SD: LOL…I cant agree more no need to give a stranger the benifits of our work:) So tell me what made you so hot?
DW: Are you sure you want to go there…..I am going to warn you, we may not be able to stop:)
SD: I can handle it…stop the teasing.
DW: Its all about teasing and I know how much you like to be teased:)
SD: Are you going to tell me or I am going to have to beat it out of you?
DW: So you have a rough side to you….hmmmm you did not share that last night:)
SD: So much i have yet to share…not sure if you could handle it so tell me can you?
DW: I can handle you with no problem, I Know exactly what you need in a booty call:)
SD: Really tell me:)
DW: You need a guy that pays attention to all the details, and a guy that out dirty talk your creative mind!
SD: So you think you can out dirty talk me?
DW: No problem, why don’t we meet up later and find out are you game or are you all talk?
SD: IF we meet what does the winner get?
DW: The winner gets complete control over the other person that night.
SD: So let me get this straight…if i win I get to do naything to you even tease you all night long if i chose?
DW: Yes anything your little dirty mind can think of!
SD: I don’t like to lose
DW: If you win and tease me all night long you will lose because you will not be able to have me do what I have been thinking about:)
SD: What have you been thinking about?
DW: That hot oil lip massage we were talking about last night:)
SD: HMMMM… that what you want to do to me:)
DW: All night long if you can handle it!
SD: Oh i can handle it…I might just have to lose on purpose:)

So this went on even more and deeper into what she likes and dislikes. As you can see there was a lot of teasing and fun going back and forth. At no point did I tell her we were going to have sex. All I did was tease her and make some references to sex but never, ever said: “I am going to have sex with you tonight.”

It is all about teasing and having fun. If you can learn the art of teasing women you will have great sex as well.

Okay you read all that but do you really understand it? It’s all about teasing.

Women are giant clitorises—that’s all they are. They want to be teased. They don’t want to go to dirty talk via sext—they want to be teased.

They want to be intrigued. They like subliminal messaging, and most guys don’t understand what a subliminal message really is.

Here’s the deal: if you’re serious about understanding the sexual dynamic that can be generated via text, then you’re going to love what I’m about to show you.

Do you want to learn the exact sexts that will get the woman you met on Tuesday so intrigued, so turned on, that she’ll be clawing to get into your bed by Friday?

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