Okay, so… You’re out on a date. How do you know if she likes you?

How do you know if she’s really into you?

How do you know if she wants to hear from you again?

How do you know whether or not to ask her out again?

How many times have you been out on a date, and you’re not quite sure what a woman is feeling? You’re half way through the date, and you’re trying to figure out what she’s thinking, feeling, and what she’s all about.

The minute you do that, you start going inside your head. And the minute you go inside your head, the date goes from potential romantic partner in her eyes, to friend zone.

It’s like a switch that triggers inside her brain.

She can feel you overthinking. She can feel you not being present, and she can feel you worrying about whether or not you’re good enough for her.

It’s amazing, because we’re such primal beings. There are so many things that we feel that we’re not quite aware of.

I know whenever I go out on a date, I don’t think about anything at all. I just think about connecting.

I don’t think about whether she likes me. I don’t think about whether she’s into me. I don’t think about whether I’m going to see her again. I just sit there and be in the moment.

As I sit in the moment, I’m enjoying who she is as a person. I’m allowing her to get to know me. I’m allowing her to get to see who I am. And I’m allowing the two of us to exchange stories in a non-judgmental, non-threatening way.

The second you think about if a girl likes you, you’re handing your balls over to her.

You’re handing all your power over, and in that moment you’ve gone from alpha male to beta male.

You become the male that she’s no longer attracted to, because she feels the shift in your energy.

She doesn’t feel like she’s in the presence of a strong man. Because a strong man determines whether he wants to go out with her again without worrying so much about what she’s thinking.

The second you become not present on a date is the second the date goes in a direction that it never should go.

There are those of you who are always wondering if a girl likes you, what her signs are. Does she flip her hair? Does she shift or move? Is her face all flushed and red?

Flirting couple in cafe using digital tablet

A good friend of mine, a beautiful, sexy woman by the name of Fern, joins me today on this video, and she will show you what a woman does when she’s into a guy.

Little things, so you’ll start relaxing.

You see, I don’t think about these things at all. I don’t care. Because I just show up and I show up with the best version of myself and I’m not looking for validation.

But I know that for a lot of you out there it makes you feel good to be validated.

Vulnerability is not your strong point. So you want to know the signs that a woman likes you.

Well today, Fern and I will go through this.

You’ll see why and how a woman likes you. You’ll see some of the subtle things that she may do that will finally put your mind at ease. So you’re able to relax.

Relax into the date and get out of your head and more into the moment that’s being created.

Check out today’s video and do me a favor, pass it along to your friends.

There are so many beautiful, amazing women out there who want to meet great guys like you.