Besides learning how to approach women, one of the biggest topics that’s brought up from all you guys is how to handle rejection. A lot of you take everything personally.

I don’t take anything personally at all. As a matter of fact, if I’m flirting with a woman – if I’m out on a few dates with her – and she chooses not to want to be with me in the end, it means nothing to me at all.

I don’t think to myself that I have blown it or that I am not worthy of a relationship or that this person has that much power over me. When a woman rejects me, I don’t look at it as rejection; I look at it as she made another choice. She made the choice to be with somebody else or just to not be with me, and I’m okay with that.

The reason that I don’t get upset, I don’t take it personally is that I want someone who chooses to be with me. I want somebody who wants to be with me, who wants to grow with me, wants to be inspired with me, wants to do fun things with me.

And if somebody doesn’t want to do that, I don’t think about what I did wrong, and I don’t think about what I can do to make her love me or want me. I let her go because I have this abundance in the world. I can’t force attraction, and I only want people who are attracted to me to be with me.

Don’t Look at it as Rejection

It’s a very powerful mindset on how to handle rejection because when you handle rejection that way, you’re no longer thinking of it as rejection. You’re actually thinking of it on a much deeper plane. You’re actually thinking about it as something that is a choice between two people.

Even when it comes to work, if somebody doesn’t want to do business with you, or you don’t get a job, you didn’t get rejected from that job. They just chose to go a different way. You weren’t a fit personality-wise, you weren’t a fit skill-wise. Rejection doesn’t exist in my language of life at all. It’s not a word that I ever use.

Because there is a freedom of choice, and attraction is not a choice for people. They choose – they don’t choose you; they choose someone else. It’s stealing. The energy that two people share.

So when you share energy with somebody and create that attraction, you’re creating something that’s more real. You’re creating something that’s more powerful than anything you have ever felt before.

Change the Way You Think

It’s time you lose the term rejection and start replacing it with the proper mindset.

You’re incredible, fantastic, great. You’re somebody who wants to be a winner in life, and you’re somebody who’s learning how to deal with all of the things that life brings.

There are going to be moments when someone decides not to be with you. And that’s perfectly acceptable and okay.

I want you to read that last statement, and I want you to read it over and over again and I want you to say it out loud to yourself. When you do, you’ll start changing the mindset and the belief system that you have over the state and the word called rejection and you’ll start becoming a much more powerful version of yourself.

When you’re more powerful, life is going to be far greater. Check out today’s video for more inspiration about this because I go deeper into the subject and I really think it will help you feel much better.