We all go through times in our lives where things are not working, things are just not going our way, or things just don’t feel right. So instead of falling into the black hole called depression, I’m going to give you some tips to really bring you back up so you feel amazing.

Dealing with Depression

We all go through rough times.

There’s something I’ve always said over and over again: life is a roller coaster ride. There are many ups and many downs. The problem is most people enjoy the ups so much that when they get into a down cycle, it overwhelms them.

I’m going to share something personal about me.

I tend to get depressed from time to time.

My mother was borderline manic depressive, so I was around depression my entire life. My mom was literally depressed for weeks, or even months at a time. She couldn’t cope. She lived on Valium. She took all types of drugs to make her feel better.

So I’ve got that in my blood and I don’t allow it to move out of me.

Going Down the Rabbit Hole

I’d like to tell you something. When I’m feeling blue and I’ve got those depression feelings, it does feel like I’m in a black hole. I call it going down the rabbit hole of life.

You almost can’t see the beautiful things that are going on around you because you’re focusing on all the things that are going wrong. The human mind is very powerful and when we get into the black hole or the rabbit hole, it can overtake any other feelings.

We go deep into this rabbit hole, so deep that we don’t know what to do.

Our friends give us advice but we’re not really listening. We read self-help books, but they don’t make us feel any better. We try different things to get out and they don’t work, so we go deeper into this rabbit hole called depression.

We all suffer from it on a day-to-day basis because life consistently throws us curve balls; life consistently presents us with challenges. And most importantly, life sometimes is just a plain old fucking bitch to deal with.

Tips to Get Out of a Black Hole

So I’m going to give you some tips for when you’re feeling down and blue and out. Tips to help bring you back out of the rabbit hole, or prevent you from falling into it in the first place.

I’m going to help kick your butt a little bit and get you out of that black hole so you feel good again.

There are things that I do when I go into the rabbit hole that get me out of it immediately. Because you see, I don’t want to stay in that rabbit hole. I don’t want to stay in that funk. When you’re in that funk, you miss life. And when you’re missing life, you’re missing all the amazing opportunities that life brings.