how to fuck a stripper david wygantSo I just left Las Vegas.

Had a fun weekend.

Did some business, networking, and hung out with some friends I haven’t seen in a while—it was interesting.

As you all know, Vegas is this town that’s absolutely built on want and shame.

It’s built on losers going there with an illusion thinking that they’re actually going to make money.

But it also has a lot of guys that go out, go to the clubs, get super frustrated and then head to the strip club thinking they’re going to get laid.

The cab driver who took me to the airport was funny.

He told me that he picked up these guys that had spent $5,000 at a strip club. They were in the backseat complaining about almost running out of money.

Apparently they were this close to banging a stripper.

They ran down all the excuses, but the truth is, you’re not getting laid when you go to a strip club—at all. You never get laid when you go to the strip club. In fact, it’s a rare man that ever gets laid when he goes to a strip club.

But you? Most of you won’t. It’s just a waste of money, a waste of time, waste of energy—a waste of everything.

The next time you’re in Vegas and it’s getting ate and you’re frustrated, annoyed and you head to the strip club…think again.

These women see you coming from a mile away. They see you, they smell you, they feel you, and they know they can take every last dime of yours because that’s their job. Their job is to hustle you out of your money.

Their job isn’t to love you. And their job definitely isn’t to have sex with you. It’s cheaper to get a hooker than it is to go and get laid at a strip club.

Trust me on this one guys: your life is far more fun when you’re not chasing an illusion.

Now if you really want to get laid at a strip club, when she comes over and tries to hustle you, tell her you pass and you would rather watch her hustle all the weak men in the club and when she gets bored and has made enough money come over for some real entertainment.

It shows her that you are strong and not there to be teased.

And her attraction will grow because you instead are teasing her.

Reverse psychology: works all the time.