So you’ve gone out on a date.

You’ve made out a little bit, maybe even fooled around, and now you want to test her sexual temperature.

The problem is, this is when most guys try to go in for the kill.

They will immediately text a woman something like this:

Last night was hot. I really enjoyed kissing you.

Or, if you had sex with her, you’ll text her right away and say:

Wow, last night was great, I loved feeling you.

Think about what you just did. You didn’t even warm her up like an oven.

Women always need to be warmed up.

Picture a Betty Crocker oven when you were a kid. It starts out slow and gets really hot and warm over time.

Then it starts to bubble over, like chocolate pudding being cooked on a stovetop. You want it to simmer before it starts to bubble.

Women like to be warmed up before they begin to boil. I think you get the picture.

So, what would I do in this situation to get her feeling the moment all over again?

Well I wouldn’t even bring up sex.

That’s right, you heard me correctly: I’m not even going to bring up sex. I’m going to tease, just like she likes her clit teased. Just like she likes her nipples teased. Everything about a woman is teasing.

So I’m going to send her this text:

Last night was…

That’s it. That’s going to intrigue her. She’s going to wonder what last night was. What is “…” ? And she’s also going to see whether or not you’re just like a typical guy that will say ‘hot’ or whatever.

So she’ll come back and ask:

What about last night was … ?  

Then you text her:

The conversation last night was amazing. I really enjoyed all of it.  

You don’t even talk about the sex. You talk about the emotions that you experienced with her the night before.

It’s all about warming her up. It’s not about starting with sex.

That’s what dudes are about. Your dream is to have some woman basically text you in the middle of the day, saying:

Last night was fucking great. I really wanted to bang you again tonight.

But women aren’t like that (most of them at least). They need to be warmed up all over again.

Sexting is the best form of foreplay in our new technological world, and if you do it right, you can have her so hot that she’ll be in your bed tonight.

But don’t text her like a man wants to be texted—text her like the woman she is.