Years ago it was all about getting the phone number. That was the battle, having the balls to walk up to a woman, finding something to talk about, and intriguing her enough so you actually got a phone number and had the opportunity to call her up and go out on a date. Boy, has the game changed.

With apps like Tinder, Bumble, I can’t even name them all, there are so many dating apps, people are just re-circulating each other every single day.

Whenever I go on one of those dating apps, I constantly see the same women show up over and over again. It’s like a cyber bar in the sky and eventually you’re going to have your opportunity.

Too Many Options

Whenever you meet a woman now and get her phone number, it seems like the majority of them end up flaking.

Why? Because there’s too much stimulus going on.

Everybody I know is trying so many different things to meet somebody.

They’re trying out apps, they’re going to parties, they’re doing all of this stuff, but in reality, most of the time there’s this paralysis by analysis going on.

You’ve got so many potential options that you don’t even know which option to go out with, so people end up flaking on one another, day after day.

People are constantly flaking because there’s just too much going on. You may meet a woman, she might be absolutely fantastic, she might be the best match for you in the entire world but it’s usually such an uphill battle to get her to commit and that’s where the game has changed.

Work on Getting Her to Commit

It’s about working on your commitment skills.

It’s about getting her to commit to hanging out with you.

And getting her not to flake on you. That’s where the game has changed, that’s where life has changed. That’s why communication is so important; more so than ever before. You need to stand out from all of the other guys that she may or may not be flirting with.

To me, it’s always about having an action plan. Whenever you meet a woman for the very first time, you better have an action plan.

You better text her.

You better be able to intrigue her when you text her.

You better be able to get her to commit to a date.

And do all of that as quickly as possible before she has other stimuli fucking coming in on her.

Getting her to commit is what everything is all about now and the only way you’re going to do that is to literally make her feel like she’s a priority. Make her feel like you really want to get to know her and only her.

Tell her how much you want to see her.

Come up with a great idea, some fantastic opportunity, or some fantastic activity that the two of you can share together. Don’t just tell her you want to go meet for coffee or something boring like that. Come up with something interesting and different so she puts you ahead of all the other men.

That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s video. What you need to be doing to get her to commit to a date. That’s the first step, and it’s an important one.