Sex. It can be the deal breaker for a woman, so you want to get it right. So how do you create sexual tension with a woman?

First off, the best way to create sexual tension is to stop thinking about sex. Stop arousing yourself before it’s time. Men are like giant dogs. Pet, and rub us the right way, and we’re instantly ready for sex. Stand a naked woman in front of us and we’re ready to go.

For women, arousal works differently. For women, sex starts between the ears. You need to listen to everything she’s saying. You need to react to her. You need to carry a good conversation. It’s all about strong eye contact, secure body language, and confident tone. It’s these things which arouse women before anything physical happens.

She’ll start feeling something sexual with you. She’ll start to feel like she’s with a man who’s in control of himself. That’s what starts to ignite her fire.

See, whenever I go out on a date and I want to create great sexual tension, I don’t do anything but look in her eyes and talk. Some times for hours on end. Maybe I’ll lean in a little bit. I’ll touch their hands, and play with their fingers, but I don’t go for any kiss at all. I understand women want to feel they’re connecting with you mentally before they’ll connect with you physically.

So, it’s come to the first kiss. Do you keep the tension building or go in for the “show stopper?”

When you kiss a woman, especially for the first time, you want to show her you’re still in control. No grabbing, groping, or pawing like a dog. You’re going to lean in, and look into her eyes. Then you’re going to grab the back of her neck and pull her in to you. Press your lips on hers but very gently. You’re not going to start sticking your tongue down her throat! Stay in control.

Gently suck on her lips a little bit, and then pull back. Look in her eyes again, and then give her one more kiss on the lips. Then pull back again, and send her on her way. You want to remain in full control and not start humping her like an excited puppy.

By reaching too many times, grabbing, pawing at her, ramming your tongue down her throat at an inopportune time, you’re going to turn her off. You have to look at a woman as an oven and you want to heat it up really slowly.

The slower you heat it up, the more powerful the sexual tension you’re creating. So when in doubt, go slow, and CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL!