Create Stories By David Wygant

Let’s talk about the importance of creating a story. Why are stories so important?

When you are talking to somebody, you really want to be able to relate to them. When they say something to you like, “wow, I love your dog,” you can say something like, “well, this dog is not as good as it looks…” and then you can tell a funny story about some quirky behaviors that your dog has. What this does is give her an inside view into who you are as a person.

So, how do you get better at telling a story?

There are a couple of different things that you need to do: one is that you need to practice your stories. You need to practice saying things about yourself – don’t just tell facts. A lot of guys will just tell facts when they’re trying to tell a story. Instead of saying WHY your dog is quirky and funny, you’ll basically say, “my dog does funny things with a bone” instead of talking about those things. You’re not telling anybody anything when you do that.

What you need to do is create that story. So think about this story: “my dog is so bizarre, whenever I give her a bone – I just have to tell you how funny this is – whenever I give her the bone, she KNOWS that the bone is meant for her. When I give it to her, she comes over all the time and starts chewing it in front of me; she actually chews it on my hand! She brings it to me all day, it’s almost like she continually thanks me for the same gift over and over and over again!”

What happened there is that by being animated and telling that story, you give her an insight into who you are. Not only that, but she’s also getting excited about meeting you because you’re so animated and full of life. When you just tell facts, you’re boring: “my dog likes bones. My dog likes to chew a bone in my hand” – no, create that story.

The best way to learn how to create a story is to get a Dr. Seuss book (or any children’s book) and after reading it, start creating stories based on it. People want to be entertained.

Another idea is to take an improv class. Improv classes will be really good for you. An improv class will teach you how to really get excited at certain points, how to use words to get people excited, or your body language.

Not only do you want to create a story, you want to be animated and smiling during the delivery, and look at the person in their eyes. You are talking directly to them. Stories create emotions. When you tell a good story, a woman will look at you and want to be involved in that story. She’ll picture going home with you to give your dog the bone when you’re a couple.

This is why stories are so important!

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