How to Be Playful By David Wygant and Khiem Nguyen-Trong

In order to flirt and connect with women, you have to learn how to be playful. Women want to be able to look at you and know that they’re going to have a good time with you. So how do you be playful?

One good way to learn how to be playful is to walk into stores. Walk into a clothing store, take a look at a pink shirt, walk over to a woman and say, “I don’t know, do you think pink is my color?” while you hold the shirt up against you.

Or pick the worst shirt you can find in the whole store, and say, “alright, so what do you think about this? How honest of a salesgirl are you really?” Pick something awful – like orange and red, or orange and black – some horrific-looking shirt that you can find, and do that.

Be playful. What happens when you are playful is that it gets the woman to be more playful as well. If you approach her in a very monotone way, and say, “hey I want to go buy some clothes,” she is basically going to show you some clothes. She’s not going to have fun doing it – you’re just going to be another customer.

The best places to learn how to be playful are clothing stores and grocery stores – you can walk over in the vegetable section and take a look at the weirdest vegetable you can find – like chard – what the hell is chard? So you could walk over there and grab it and say, “alright, what is this, and how do I cook this thing? I have no clue – and I see it here all the time!”

And remember, it’s the tone of voice that you do it with – you’ve got to have fun in your voice, and practice your voice tone. You have to get your voice tones up, and you have to be able to have fun, and be animated when you do this. Playful equals animation.

Once again, one of the best exercises to become more playful (and something I’ve talked about over and over again) is to go and play with children!

Get into a sword fight with a little kid and play pirates. And when you really play pirates, you have to say, “argh, matey!” and do it with an animated voice! You can’t be boring with a kid. You have to be animated when you play with children.

So get your voice tone up, be playful, and once again, play like a child.

If you really want to be more playful, start playing with your nieces, nephews and other children. If you bore them, then you’re certainly going to bore adults. Adults also want to be ENTERTAINED!

Todays video is all about how to listen so you can be playful with women!!