get confidenceI get this question all the time:

How can I be more confident?

Well, there’s a pill you can take. It’s called ecstasy. It’ll get your confidence up for a few hours. But chances are you’re looking for something a little more permanent. There’s a secret to confidence and the secret is this – no one is as confident as they appear.  Confidence is about believing.

Do you believe your own hype? Do you think you’re amazing? Do you think you’re a great catch? Do you think a woman would be lucky to have you?


Are you constantly putting your balls in a mayonnaise jar and handing them over to every woman you meet?

Men who behave like this are referred to as the beggar.  They beg every woman they talk to, to like them. They have no backbone. They walk around smelling of mayonnaise.  They spend all their time thinking: Does she like me? Does she want me? Did I mess it up?

The Beggar never gets the woman that he wants.  You want a five-step process to be more confident?

It’s called embracing your wins every single day. It’s called going out there and saying hello to every person you meet. You cannot work on social skills on a Saturday afternoon for two hours and expect results. Do you expect to be successful when you don’t work on your social skills on a regular basis? Part time jobs yield part time results.

 The Real Secret To Confidence?

How you expect to be successful in anything when you don’t do it every single day? You have got to put in your time in order to be an expert in something.  Why do people put in absolutely zero time and expect amazing results, when it comes to woman?

I’ve seen many of you put in months of preparation on your fantasy sports teams. When it comes to your jobs you spend extra hours striving for that promotion, but for some reason, you don’t apply those strengths when it comes to meeting women. Be more confident. Go out there and do it.  I’m tired of people saying that they want to be more confident but they don’t do the exercises.

Do you do the exercises every single day? Do you go out and talk to new people every day? Do you push your fears every single day so you can go out and talk to people?

Do you approach the first hot woman you see whether you get shot down or not?

In order to be more confident, you’ve got to go out and do the same things every day, the same basic communication skills. You walk up. You say hello. You talk. You ask her how her day is going. You learn. You listen. You don’t become more confident by jerking off inside your brain thinking about it nonstop. You become more confident by doing.

Do the exercises. That’s right. It’s about doers. Doers become more confident. Thinkers sit around masturbating inside their brain doing nothing. It is your choice. You want your balls in a mayonnaise jar, or do you want to walk over and claim her?

Good luck.