hottest girl in the room david wygantI got this e-mail the other day from Scott:


I watch your videos and listen to your podcast religiously. I know that one of the things you preach is about how all the girls are the same, whether interested or not, so you don’t get intimidated by the better-looking ones.

So here’s what happened to me:

I was standing in line at Chipotle and saw this amazingly beautiful next to me. Because I follow you so closely, I saw about a dozen things I could have opened her up with.

But then I got stuck in my head. There’s no way this woman can’t know she’s beautiful.

Her whole look was radiant and confident. And while she didn’t look snotty, she definitely had to know that she was good looking.

She must get hit on all the time.

So how do you open a girl like that in a way that immediately separates you from every other normal Joe that tries to hit on her?

Your biggest fan,

. . .

Scott, stop assuming every man hits on her.

Of the men that hit on her, most of them are jerks. Most of them don’t know what to say, most of them can’t relate to her.

You noticed that she was radiant and beautiful and confident.

So what does that mean? You need to be radiant, beautiful, and confident back.

You need to exude that confidence. By exuding that confidence, it’s going to show her immediately, in a very sub-conscious non-verbal way that you and her are on the same wavelength.

Then take one of those 12 observations that were in your head and spit the first one out that feels right, and do so with authority.

The tone of your voice, your eye contact with her, the way you face her—these are all really important.

These are things that I talk about in every single one of my products, so for those of you guys that have not looked at any of my products, I strongly suggest you do, because I go through this at length.

So, there you have it Scott. It’s about getting out of your head. The fact of the matter is, when you make assumptions, you’re always wrong.

Don’t assume anything. You’re not a mind reader; you don’t know what’s happened to her in life; you don’t know if she’s been hit on all the time, nor should you care.

Be a confident, radiant man, approach with authority, and you’ll attract all the hottest women—period.