You need to employ someone quickly so you start holding interviews. The first candidate walks in the room. She’s a stunning looking woman and you’re really attracted to her. Or perhaps YOU go on a job interview and you’re attracted to the person interviewing you.

Maybe you go to buy some used piece of furniture from Craigslist and the person selling it is attractive. How do you cross the line in any of these situations? And should you even attempt to cross the line?

You do it in the same way you do in all other aspects of life; you decide what’s more important to you. Is it more important to hire the right person for the job, or is it more important to ask this beautiful woman sitting in front of you on a date?

Make that decision. If you’re the boss and you’re interviewing somebody you find attractive, make a decision right there and then. Decide whether you want to hire them for their qualifications, or whether you’re going to risk screwing up their application by asking them on a date. Just make the decision and stick with it.

If you’re actually going for a job interview the same things applies. Are you going to ignore your urges and try to win the job, or are you going to ask the person out and try and explore that person romantically?

Just be aware in that situation you could lose out on the date AND the job!

It’s about being honest in the moment because all we have is honesty. All we have is our feelings, and our decision will lead to other decisions down the road. Don’t hire somebody hoping you hook up with them in the future. That’s called using your powers as a boss in the wrong way.

Don’t take a job because the boss is hot and you think maybe you’re going to have this office romance. That’s called wasting your time, and potentially your career.

As for Craigslist, the situation is very different. If you go to buy a piece of furniture and you’re attracted to the person selling it, ask them on a date. There are no rules when it comes to a personal transaction between two people. If a hot woman sells you a new coffee table and you like her, ask her round to yours so you can make her a coffee and test it out.

You could get lucky so why not take the chance. But guys, just be careful…

I’ve brought some furniture from some REALLY scary people!