Have I got an e-mail to share with all of you today!

I’ve got an e-mail that is going to blow all of you women out of the water.

Read below, because you’re going to be amazed as what this is.

Dear David,

I met a man a couple of months ago.

He’s pretty amazing.

Our first date was 10 hours.

Our second date three nights later was another 10 hours.

Whenever we started going out after that, we always held hands. We kissed wherever we went.

He slept over seven times in the last two months.

But he refuses to have sex with me.

I’ve done all that I can because I’ve never had a man refuse to have sex with me.

I’ve worn sexy .

I’ve slept at his house and wore the button down shirt and just my little panties and nothing.

It’s not like we’re not fooling around.

We fooled around. We’ve done just about everything but. But we haven’t had sex.

I don’t know what to do or what to say.

He tells me that he’s savoring this and he wants to literally wait until the moment is right.

That gives me goose bumps and chills.

But, I’m starting feel insecure. I mean, he devours me in other ways. But I’m starting to feel really insecure that maybe this man doesn’t really want me. What do I do. Help. No sex. Two months. What’s the deal?


Amy, Amy, Amy.

You’ve met an outlier. You’ve met a gem.

I’m just like that guy.

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I’ve been involved in relationships where I haven’t had sex for two, two and a half months.

I’ve done everything, but and I’m looking to savor my experience with this woman.

I’ve been with women that have made me wait two months. It’s not that we didn’t want one another, it’s just that we were waiting to really get to know each other before we released the oxytocin high that seems to absolutely destroy just about every single relationship.

If he tells you he’s attracted to you — which I know he is because you’re doing everything but having sex — just enjoy it.

Just go with it. Just be into it.

It’s a beautiful thing to actually wait for one another, because there’s always going to be sex. But there’s never going to be the beginning of a relationship again.

The he beginning of the relationship is where you’re building the actual foundation.

I have found that people run into sex way too quickly all the time.

You don’t want to run into sex too quickly.

You want to literally take your time getting to sex. When you take your time getting to sex, you’re actually looking and seeing the person for who they are. You’re not getting this oxytocin high. You’re not making the relationship all about sex. You’re not consumed with having that incredible feeling every single day. You’re concentrating on the emotions that are being exchanged between the two of you.

And that, to me, is a beautiful thing. Embrace it. Because he is.

He’s showing up, he’s seeing you all the time.

He’s into you. Big time.

So just go out and enjoy it. And don’t get all uptight.

He wouldn’t be coming back every single day to see you if he didn’t think you were absolutely beautiful and amazing, and he wouldn’t be holding out if he didn’t really truly want a relationship with you.

When you hold out, and especially if a man holds out sexually, he truly wants a relationship.

That’s the sign you’ve been looking for.