Do you ever find yourself really irritable?

Do you sometimes get mean and snappy to people who are around you out of the blue? It doesn’t happen to me too often, but sometimes it does.

I know that when I get this way, the reason behind it is because I’m not feeling comfortable in the particular situation that I’m in.

So instead of getting all irritable and snapping at people, think to yourself right beforehand, “Why do I feel this way?” Think to yourself about why you are behaving this way, why you are feeling irritated at the person or about the situation.

The answer to our frustration is usually something that’s going on within ourselves, and not something irritating that somebody else is doing.

It’s because you feel a certain way about that other person but you’re not being open with how you feel about them or the situation. So instead of being honest, communicating your frustration, and dealing with the issue head-on, it’s easier to just get moody and snap at the other person.

So next time remember that it’s actually your issue, and that the only way to deal with it in a meaningful way is to be honest with yourself and communicate what you are really feeling at that moment.
That’s it for today—just a quick tip to start your day.