It’s also going to be a telltale sign whether you are a commitment person or a commitment-folding person.

No sugar-coating here.

This might be the quickest two minutes of your life, so read on.

Are you committed, or are you not committed? Here’s how you figure it out, and it’s a simple, easy formula.

Look at all the things you need to do in your life, the changes, the major and minor changes in your life. Grade yourself. How many of them have you actually succeeded on? And be honest here.

If you succeed on the majority of the stuff that you are actually working on, and you continue to do the work and make yourself even better and better and better, then you are a committed person. You are somebody who is committed to being successful in all aspects of your life, and you are here on this planet right now to live an incredible life.

If you’ve committed to a dozen things, and you really only succeeded in four of them, you’re basically somebody who has commitment issues. You’re looking for the easy road out, you cannot stay committed to something, you can’t stay committed to a task.

Bottom line is:

You’re not going to really succeed much in anything you do because you don’t stay focused. Staying focused is the key to commitment. When you’re focused in on a task, you’re committed to a ask. When you’re committed to a task, you’re successful in a task. There’s nothing I haven’t done in my life that I’ve not been successful  at that if I fully committed to it, I was always successful. So I want you to think about this today, as you continue to either:

A. Stay committed on your path and congratulate yourself.

B. Just bullshit yourself nonstop, and you just continue to make excuses.

The answers are right there, write it on a piece of paper. On the left side, write down the things you want to change, on the right side, write down if you were successful or not. The answers are just plain and simple.

So that’ll just be a short and important read. Digest it, I’ll see you tomorrow.