So I went to a party last night. And the party was really interesting. It was a friend’s birthday party where just random people were invited. You know, it was the kind of party where you really encourage people to bring people to the party whom you don’t know so you can actually expand your social core and your whole social network.

And it was interesting that the whole evening was just about speaking to a lot of different people, and learning about them. It wasn’t about hooking up or pairing off.

We’re always on the prowl . . . but here’s something that I want to share: In order to hook up and meet some really amazing people, you have to be open to just talking to everybody. You have to see who you’re going to connect with at the party, who you’re going to vibe with, and see who you’re going to relate to on a deeper level . . . instead of just the superficial level of talking to people about the weather or some other things.

So what was amazing about this party, was that I ended up inviting someone who was really interesting who I’d recently met. She showed up, and we ended up talking all night long about life and about everything. It was about sharing an evening with someone who was just really cool.

And there’s something I learned tonight that I want to tell everyone about, since most of the time we’re talking about ways to meet someone, how to hook up, and how to break through your fears so you can meet somebody.

But what about learning how to get to a deeper level with somebody? For those of you that have been in relationships, how do you get to a deeper level with somebody? How do you really touch and connect to their core? Because that’s what you’re looking for . . . that deeper connection with someone’s core.

And here’s something that was really interesting last night . A lot of us have been through a lot of family stuff and have different family backgrounds. I grew up with, I’d say, not a lot of love in the house; something that wasn’t really a lot of core love. I wasn’t building up my core with a lot of love and family love, so there’s definitely a fear of intimacy that’s definitely through my core. So, it was definitely interesting for me to think about that, because you absolutely have to love yourself to a core before you can actually meet someone and love them.

Think about that for a little while. Spend more time on yourself. Spend more time on accepting who you are and accepting what you’re all about, instead of always trying to find someone who will satisfy you in that way. Talk to you soon.