You will want to be a scoop of frozen sorbet once you read this posting.

Apparently in San Francisco there is a new rage going on and women are leading the charge.

It is not a new dance move nor is it a typical San Francisco treat unless you would not mind being referred to as Sorbet.

Now get this: women are going out on the weekend and sexually propositioning men right on the dance floor and at the bar. They are walking up to the man they want and basically asking him if he wants to be their frozen sorbet dessert for the next few hours with, get
this: no strings attached.

They are calling it sorbet because the guy they desire is the rebound guy, the guy who they can get all nasty with to help them get past their ex, and leave it to the ladies to come up with a cute name.

And to top it off they are being totally upfront about what they want to do because regular boring sex is not what they are after. They want nasty, fun, dirty sex and they are telling the guy what they want to see if he can actually handle the requests. This is all about making those calories count so I am sure that they will not just accept any man.

Before you Google “Sorbet” and see if your perfect sexual match is in San Francisco this summer, and before you jump on to book your bay area flight, you need to understand something: You will not be picked unless you radiate with confidence when you are heading out. This is not a mercy lay for you, this is all about the women fulfilling their personal fantasies.

So how does an average guy succeed? You go out and start chatting up everyone at the bar. These sorbet hungry women will scan the bar looking for the alpha male that exudes confidence and by speaking to everyone you will have an open energy that will attract her eyes when she is moving them around the room looking for her sorbet partner.

Next step is…

Book that flight to SF and be abused for the weekend!!!!

Now what man is going to turn that down?