It’s pretty simple, really.

See, most of you guys don’t really have the awareness to realize all the opportunities life presents you with to meet women and date them.

But it does. Literally, every day, there’s an opportunity. Even in the most mundane things.

Like ordering food. When you go up to order food, there’s basically 2 ways you can go about it:

  1. Be boring, like everyone else: “Hi, I’d like the tuna sandwich.”
  2. Or, you can bring joy to that person’s life. Start a conversation with them. Ask them where they’re from. Ask them what inspires them. Start a conversation. Connect with them.

It’s that simple – watch the video below and I’ll show you:

P.S. In my series, 7 Second Seduction, I dedicate an entire volume to flirting with the waitress. I’ll also show you how to approach, flirt with and close women in just about every setting you can think of, from the elevator to the grocery store to the street.

See it all HERE.