The other day I had a little mini get-together for a new program I’m launching next year about how to have complete mastery and power in all aspects of your life.

Anyway, I had a panel of men come over and we discussed why they married their wives.

And what I’m about to share with you is not only going to enlighten you, but probably give you some great hope when it comes down to love.

1. Bill

Bill’s a 47-year-old man, and he shared with me why he married his wife over all the other women he met in his life.

Bill didn’t get married until recently. He celebrated being a bachelor for the first 40-something years of his life, and he enjoyed it immensely.

When Bill met his wife, Jane — or Janey, as he likes to call her — she was different than any other woman he ever met.

Bill married her because he felt safe.

Safer than he’s ever felt with any other woman that he’s ever seen or been with in his life. He also felt seen and heard, and she inspired him to be even a bigger and better version of himself. Bill 2.0. Bill 3.0. And so on and so forth.

2. Teddy

Teddy’s 57 years old, and still likes to call himself Teddy because the woman that he’s been with for the last seven years makes him feel like a lovable teddy bear.

Ted’s out of shape. Not in what you would call great physical condition at all. He’s got about 30 extra pounds on him.

He had a tough divorce, and he felt beaten emotionally and physically from dealing with his ex and the battles with his children.

When he met his wife, he knew instantly that she was different. Because she didn’t evaluate or judge him.

She heard who he was, and accepted the path that he was on. She allowed him to process through things, and never judged him.

So Teddy married his wife because he did not feel judged.

3. Jason

Jason’s young. He’s dated around, partied, hung out, and then he met his wife about 9 years ago. Why did he marry her over all the other women he could’ve had?

It’s because he felt like he met his best friend. Someone he could confide in. Someone who actually heard his dreams, and someone who accepted the rogue rebellious lifestyle he was on.

He was always a party man, drinking a lot, sleeping with lost of women. But since he met his wife, Jason hasn’t even looked at another woman in any way sexually or emotionally.

Why? Because his wife fully accepted him and saw his journey, and did not judge him at all.

Do you notice a theme here as we talked about the first three men?

None of them felt judged, and they all felt seen.

4. Eric

Eric’s been married for 17 years. Why did he choose the woman that he was with?

Because he felt like he could truly be himself. And he felt like he could tell her anything.

Do you notice once again that the feeling of being safe, secure in being heard is really important in men?

5. Todd

Todd met his wife later in life.

He was married a couple of times before based on his stories and visions of what marriage should be. When Todd finally manifested his own vision, he then went out and dated with a purpose, and met Amy, who was also dating with a purpose.

Amy knew that Todd existed, she just hadn’t met him yet. But when they met each other they recognized one another as two very unique amazing people, and they built a relationship from the second that they met.

They both understood that it takes a foundation to build the security that both of them craved and needed.

Security, safety, building a foundation, having somebody who wants to co-create.

These are why these men married these women. They didn’t feel judged. They felt seen and heard. These are the reasons why men get married in the first place.

P.S. If you’re a woman who lives in the Los Angeles area, and you’d like to be part of an upcoming panel, please send me a personal e-mail (, and I will invite you to share your opinions on love, dating, and success.