Today I’m going to pass along probably the greatest healthcare that I have found.

Liberty HealthShare.

So, here’s a quick little article about them that I want you to read, because it can not only save you money, but actually give you healthcare that’s very quality and customer-focused.

I found Liberty Health Share about a year and a half ago. I’ve been using them since.

They have extremely low deductibles.

Extremely low premiums.

But most importantly, you get to choose your own doctor.

You need to check this out if you’re on any of the major healthcare providers.

You’ll be glad I saved you a ton of money.

They paid my medical bills.

After I paid my small deductible, and they have different plans, they actually paid my medical bills.

It’s a not-for-profit company, very well run.

It’s one of the best companies that I dealt with, and that’s why I want to highly recommend it to all of you.

And, when you fill out your forms, make sure you use me as a referral.

They’ve got a great referral network as well, and I guarantee you you’ll be referring it out to probably everybody you know.

They have a very simple process. If your doctor’s not part of their network, the doctor literally calls up and within five minutes becomes part of their network.

It’s really well run.

And you know that I rarely recommend anything here 🙂

But with today’s rising healthcare costs, where you cannot choose the doctor that you’re looking for, or the doctor that you want, why not be with a company that has ethics?

That puts the customers first and actually delivers on what they say.

So check it out:

Make sure you told them that you were referred by David Wygant.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You’ll be happy, as a matter of fact, that you join them.