The other day, an old friend of mine posted on my Instagram. He put a heartfelt post and said, “Anybody who I used to be friends with would like to reconnect, let me know. I’ll be traveling for the next six months and I’d love to reconnect with you.”

So I fell for his warm hearted, beautiful written Instagram post.

I wrote something underneath: “Hey, I love what you’ve been about lately. Let’s reconnect.”

I never heard from him.

Like an Instagram and Facebook phony.

Why bother?

What form of validation are you seeking to lie or to put out these heartfelt posts so you can appear to be so much more evolved than you truly are?

What’s the point of putting that out there, into the universe, if you’re not ready to receive a lunch with an old friend?

Some of you might be thinking, defending this Facebook arrogant poster, that maybe he doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore.

But we never had a falling out.

He just moved. We never had an argument, never had a falling out, I never did him wrong business-wise or anything.

The reality is, it has a lot to do with people doing this to cleanse themselves, to make themselves seem better, bigger, stronger, faster, whatever it is.

But so many people make these useless posts and then don’t deliver.

If you’re going to do this, you need to deliver.

Because there’s no point in doing these ridiculous things unless you’re ready to really go and follow up.

Otherwise, you’re just putting it out there to pretend to be evolved.

So we can count this whole ordeal as yet another thing that I just don’t like about social media: how phony people truly are.

You’ll never see me post that shit up there (actually, I never really post anything super personal because it’s none of your business!)

Pretending to be evolved to a bunch of strangers that follow me doesn’t really cut it.

Let’s get real, folks.

Let’s reach out to the people we want to speak to, the people we want to connect with, the people we enjoy connecting with.

Let’s stop putting these ridiculous, phony public displays of look how evolved I am, look how spiritual I am, look how amazing I am, when I have no follow-up at all.