A lot of times when women are with a man for the very first time, they really don’t know how to explain themselves sexually. Do you know that’s really important? A lot of women don’t understand this. It’s also true that a lot of men don’t understand it.

A lot of women fake orgasms because they never explain themselves sexually to a guy.  Recently I was having a conversation with a woman and she said to me “I don’t understand. A lot of my friends fake orgasms. Don’t the guys know?”

I told her “A lot of guys don’t know. If a woman moans the right way they don’t know. A lot of guys don’t realize that when a woman has an orgasm – especially from intercourse – her muscles in her vagina will be spasming.” Not only do a lot of guys not know that, but a lot of guys don’t pay attention to that. Some guys just flat out don’t care.

Regardless of that group of men, what’s important for women to know is that there are a lot of us men who DO care. Many women don’t realize that.

So to women I say this: Be really open and communicate openly sexually what your desires are and what you like. If a guy is performing oral sex on you and it doesn’t feel good or he’s missing the spot, then show him where the right spot is and how to make you feel good. Encourage him a little bit.

Guys will get frustrated because they are trying please you and they aren’t succeeding in doing it. By you being 100% open with them the whole time, though, you will eventually get to the place of having an amazing sex life together.

Start opening yourself up sexually.  The thing is, a man’s ego is fragile and will get bruised when he doesn’t know what you want and when he’s not able to please you. By telling him what you like, what you enjoy and what turns you on, you will get a man to respond to you sexually like never before.

So, the next time you’re with a new partner and you get all shy sexually, neither one of you know what’s going on, and you fake an orgasm (or whatever it might be), start taking the advice from this guy and be open sexually with your partner. I can tell you nothing turns me on more than when a woman tells me what turns her on and what she wants.