You feel inspired – with a burst of mental clarity.

You feel a burst of energy.

You feel some mental clarity, so maybe you head to the gym.

Maybe you start a project that you always wanted to start.

Maybe you just feel like today is the day that you’re going to go meet the person that you always wanted to, you’re going to approach the girl that you wanted to talk to.

You’re going to talk to the man, that you are most attracted to, whatever it might be. You have this burst.

And then, you give yourself the usual pep talk.

I can hear it right now;

Come on, David. Do this, man. Today is the day. You’re going to do this right.

I can hear it from you guys. Come on, man. You’re going to talk to this girl. Go talk to her, man. You know what to do. Go say this. And then, you rehearse it in your brain.

Maybe you hold. Maybe you go to the gym. That’s the day that you actually slug the weights and make yourself feel really good.

And then, what happens? What happens?

Well, you tried it. You do it. It may not be as successful as you thought it was because if you think about it,

When you actually go and do things, and you don’t do them on a regular basis, you’re not really going to get good at it, so maybe you have a burst of emotion.

Maybe you have a good work out.

And then, the next one is a little harder.

And then, you have a set back in whatever you chose to do.

And then, after 30 days what happens? Do you suddenly gain mental clarity?

You’re back to square-one, all over again. I have seen this happen over and over and over again. Not only with my own behavior in certain things I’m looking to correct but in other ways as well.

Why? Why does this happen? Why does it happen? Why do things continue to go down like this in your life? – Does any of this sound familiar? Maybe a little too familiar?

Why can’t you ever get past the 30-day mark and set the new habits?

Well, it’s easy, because you don’t like failure. Most human beings are wired to not like failure.

Most human beings at the first sign of failure, tend to bail.

Why do human beings bail at the first sign of failure?

Well, it’s pretty simple and pretty easy.

Failure brings pain, and that’s how we’ve been conditioned. Every time we fail there’s pain. It started when we were kids.

Our parents brought us pain.

Our parents told us that failure wasn’t good. Our dad would have a lecture with us or mom would punish us, whatever it might be. Once we failed, things just didn’t feel right.

But the thing is to me failure brings joy.

Every time I fail it means I’m getting that much closer to really understanding and doing the things that I want to do. To me, failure is one of the greatest feelings I can possibly have. Rewire that brain, rewire that mind and see what happens after 30 days. You’ve got to do something to commit to it every single day. The big question is can you do it.

I believe in you, being my reader.

I believe in you.

I know you can do it.

I believe in you. But you need to believe in you.

You need a little extra jolt of “get it done” talk to you soon.