How many of you suck back a cocktail before you pick a woman up on a date?


Come on now, let’s be honest.


How many of you down a beer on the way?


Or maybe you help yourself to a martini at home before you pick her up.


You know, so you’re comfortable, relaxed, and nerve-free.


Well let me tell you right off the bat: drinking and dating or “dating under the influence” is not smart.  Any date that begins with you under the influence is not a real date.


You’re going to show them that side of you that you really shouldn’t show them.


So many of you are what I call “change of personality drinkers”.


You know exactly what happens.


All of a sudden you start drinking a little bit, you get a little more rambunctious, you get a little more confrontational, you get a little more aggressive sexually, and sometimes you just get rude all together.


You should know if this is you.  We’ve all been there; we’ve all done that.


But here’s the deal: contrary to popular belief, alcohol and dating do not mix.  Just like alcohol and driving do not mix.


For the first couple of dates, don’t show her the alcoholic side of you.  It’s not really a good look for you.


A friend of mine shared a story with me the other day—a true story by the way.  She got picked up by a guy in a big SUV—like a Cadillac Escalade or what I call ‘a condominium on wheels.’


The guy was so relaxed when he drove up, that he cracked open a beer out of a can.




That’s classy, bringing your beer with you on a first date.


He of course offered her one, being the gentleman that he was, drinking while driving.  He then rolled down his window a bit and lit up a cigarette.  (By the way, that’s number two: smoking and drinking while driving. Total no-no.)


Here’s the deal guys, I don’t care if you like to suck back a six-pack or two with the boys, but when you’re going out with women, you don’t really want to drink and date.  A cocktail or two is fine, as long as she’s having a cocktail or two.


But if you’re a big time drinker, it’s really not cool to show up with a six-pack and a cooler in the back of the car and start cracking the beers back before you head to Applebee’s or Chili’s.


Let’s put it this way, she’s looking for a guy that could take her out on a romantic time. Whether she wants to let you know that or not, that’s how all women are wired and we know that.


They want to be shown a good time.  They don’t want to be going out with a guy who’s acting like a good 16 year-old with a fake ID.


So drinking and dating is a no-no.


And while this example is (hopefully) not typical, I know there are some men out there who could use a little reality slap right now.


Be honest. Be real. And be sober.


That’s how to have a killer first date.