Friday the 13th is upon us.

I was looking through the New York Times this morning and I could not find Friday the 13th part 27! I think we would have been at that number in the amazing series. What ever happened to Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal lake? Did Bruce Willis finally kill him in Die Hard 14? And if there was a new Friday the 13th, why does it feel that the star would be Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie?

Have a great Friday and as you all know I post at least once a day including the weekends, so keep your feedback coming and have i got some juicy blogs for the weekend! Enjoy a very appropriate Friday the 13th Blog.

I don’t know where this rule started, but the amount of men that think it’s cool to kick back and wait 3 (or even 4) days to call a woman after getting her number is the most ridiculous urban legend passed down from one man to the next! The “3-day-wait-to-call” rule is almost as ridiculous as trying to find Bigfoot in the woods outside of Seattle, or going to England and looking for the Loch Ness Monster.

Here are the issues with the “3-day-wait-to-call” rule:

Let’s say you get a woman’s phone number on Friday night. Abiding by the “3-day-wait-to-call”, you call her Monday night. In her mind, you immediately become like every other guy.

The point of all my coaching with men is NOT to be like “every other guy,” but rather to be THE guy, i.e., to be the guy who does things differently from all the chumps that do things the same way. When you wait three days to call a woman, as each day passes she becomes less attracted to you and she starts to wonder why she even gave you her number in the first place. When you finally do call, this is what the conversation usually sounds like:

Jack: “Hey Daphne, it’s Jack. How you doin?”
Daphne: [momentary pause on her end trying to remember who Jack is] Jack: [starts to get nervous – this will show in your voice tones] Daphne: “Oh hey … how are you?” [in a very bland tone of voice]

Why is she so unexcited? Because you just did what every other guy does. So why should she be excited that you called her?

Also, in the time you waited to call her, she may have met two other guys Friday night and two other guys Saturday night who have already called her. One of them may have even been spontaneous and gone out with her on Sunday afternoon. By playing the “3 day wait to call” game, you just became option #5.

I know what you’re thinking – “David, I don’t want to be overanxious. I don’t want to look desperate. Don’t I want her to think I’m dating 17 other women and that I’m super cool?”

The confident man calls her the next day and will have a plan. Women are turned on by confident men who don’t play games. So when you call her, have a plan. If you listened to what she told you, that she heard this great band was playing in the park on Sunday you can either ask her out right then and there and set up a place to meet or you’ll be able to call her and tell her that you’re going to meet her Sunday in the park to see that band play that she loves. This is just an example, but I think you understand where I’m coming from with this.

The key to creating attraction in women is not to lose the momentum. If you’re going to wait several days to call her, be prepared that you’ll have to re-intrigue her and re-close her all over again.