If I counted the amount of times I’ve heard people tell me they don’t have time, I would have 10x as much money as I need to retire.

Thankfully, I’m not retired. So I’m here to bring this message to you 🙂

I don’t have time.

That is the biggest excuse imaginable that people use to not put themselves out there.

Let me ask you a really blunt question right now.

Do you like the way your life is 100%?

Do you like how much money you’re making?

Do you like the job you’re at?

Do you like your dating life?

Is your dating life fully fulfilling you? Are you getting enough dates with quality people?

Or, are you using the excuse that many people use: I don’t have time?

Well, I would really like to reframe this and tell you: you have more than enough time. Because as time just keeps ticking away, the time that you don’t spend going after what you want is more time that you spend living in fear and excuses, and building up the comfort zone of living comfortably numb.

The longer you live into your fears and excuses, the more that becomes your lifestyle.

The more it becomes your lifestyle, the harder it is to snap out of the comfortably numb feeling you’re having of not having enough time.

It’s just fear talking.

If it was easy, love would just knock on the door every single day. It would be a piece of cake.

You wouldn’t have to be vulnerable, you wouldn’t have to put yourself out there. It would be a piece of cake for you.

You go, you put yourself on an online dating site.

You do what most people do: write five or six e-mails and then give up.

This time in this magical fantasy world of really everything working for as little effort as you put in, you would actually have that one person respond to you right away and put you out of the misery you have found yourself in.

You need to make time.

If you don’t make time, nothing is ever going to change in your life.

You have time, you’re just not choosing your time wisely.

When you don’t choose your time wisely, well then guess what?

You’re never ever, ever, ever going to be able to find love.

You’re never going to find the money that you want to make.

You’re never going to create the lifestyle you want.

The amount of time that people put into their love quest absolutely baffles me.

It’s unbelievable.

Your biggest decision is who you spend your life with and you’re putting in less time than you would put in taking dance lessons.

Less time than you probably spend in line at the Starbucks.

Less time than you probably spend working out at the gym.

Less time than you probably spend in traffic on a daily basis of getting to work.

It’s amazing how, when you reframe it, you start to realize and see the real reasons why you’re not finding love.

It’s truly ridiculous.

You’re not finding love because you don’t put any effort into it.

Because — and I’m sorry if this is too harsh — you’re weak, and you make excuses, and you stay in fear.

That’s not the way love is going to ever happen for you.

Put the time in. Find the time.

Watch less television.

Force yourself out one or two nights a week.

Love’s just not going to knock on your door and deliver itself like takeout food.

As far as I know, Uber hasn’t figured out how to drive love right over to your house.

It’s truly time that you made the time to find your soul mate, your life partner.

The only way it’s going to happen is to put the time in and stop the excuses.