Man, I’m tired of people being pissed off after dates.

People complaining non-stop:

She didn’t look like her picture.

He was like, really rude.

He didn’t listen.

Man, she was just heavier than I wanted.

She didn’t ask me any questions.

God, all the he-said and she-said and she-didn’t and he-didn’t.

I’m so tired of anger dating.

anger datingAre you an anger dater? Who said every single date should be spectacular and fantastic? Where did that falsehood come in?

Do you think when you ask somebody out on a date, you’re just going to have an instant, amazing connection?

Are you just expecting it to be this perfect date?

Anger dating is getting really old to me.

Lose the Anger Dating

The purpose of dating is to go out and meet somebody really new and interesting.

The purpose of dating is to get out of your house and start to meet people.

The purpose of dating is to go out there and have a new connection so maybe you can meet other people.

The majority of dates that you’re going to go on are one and done.

Yeah, granted, a lot of people don’t look like their picture.

Women, hello, stop putting up the angle pictures online and the artsy pictures and the pictures from a distance and maybe you won’t have men that are angry because you don’t look like your picture.

And men, if you start listening a little bit more and stop trying to have first date sex all the time, maybe you’ll get women that are a little less angry.

The bottom line is dating is a risk that we all need to take.

It’s a risk. There’s no guarantee.

You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince. You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before you get a princess. It’s the way of life. It’s just the way things are.

There are no guarantees in dating.

But don’t be angry. So you spent a little bit of money. You spent a few hours of your life on a date with someone you didn’t quite connect with. But, the other person is a human being. Maybe they’re not the best conversationalist in the world. Maybe you sat there and spent two hours listening to somebody talk non-stop about themselves. I’ve been there. I’ve had dates like that. But that doesn’t mean you should get angry.

There is no reason to ever get angry.

Sitting across from you is another human being – somebody who has feelings, somebody who has emotion. They may not be the person for you and they may not be the person that you connect with on a deep level, but it doesn’t mean you should be angry. What you should get angry with isyourself.

Because if you’re not willing to put the time in, if you’re not willing to get to know people, if you’re not willing to sit there and go out on many dates that are mediocre and average, then you’re not going to find love.

Dating Takes Time, So Have Patience

When it comes to meeting somebody, you’ve got to put a lot of time in. Once again, I’ve gone out on many dates that are not great, many dates that bored me, many dates where I didn’t connect with the woman on a deeper level.

But I’m not angry because that’s what it takes. It could take 100 dates before you find your next relationship. But on date number 101, that relationship comes along. The problem is that all of you angry daters, you get so pissed off, you get home, and go that’s it, I’m never going out on another online date again.

That’s it, I’m never going on another Tinder date again.

That’s it, I’m never going out on another fix-up again.

When in reality, the next fix-up could be the person you were meant to meet, and the person who’s going to be your next relationship. So lose the anger and realize that every date leads to another date. Every date is an opportunity that gets you closer to the relationship that you so desire, and the relationship that you so need.

Don’t get angry. Just realize it wasn’t meant to be, and be okay with that. Just another human being you get to exchange things with, and every single person that you get to exchange time with, you actually get to learn something from. It’s nice to learn from each other, that’s why we’re here – to share lessons, stories, experiences. So lose the anger. A bad date is only a bad date, that’s it.