How many of you saw the Patriots destroy the Jets last night?

I painfully watched each and every play and was in a state of horror throughout the game.

But being a lifelong Jets fan, I have seen this many times before.

The hype, the promise and then the big game meltdown.’

So how many of you meltdown when your right in the middle of the big game?

How many of you prep all week in your head and when your out meeting people you get out witted by the Brady’s of the world?

The Jets last night were in their heads and not on the field of play.

You could see it by the way they executed. They were tight and they were done the second the Patriots scored.

I see the same Jet Like mannerisms when I am out and about.

I see men look at women and I can see them churning there wheels and going through the whole process instead of just reacting to life and the situation that is at hand.

How many of you act like Rex Ryan and over prepare?

And all the woman readers, this Jet Like mindset pertains to you.

How many of you go out on dates and think non stop about what to say or how to play the date so the guy likes you?

How many of you have that perfect game plan in your head and then come date time you get thrown for a loop because it does not go as planned?

The best players in the world adapt and come game time make adjustments in the moment.

So whats today’s message?

Are you able to overcome your Jet Like game plan and make adjustments when it comes to dating and meeting?