I Want To Be Your Trophy Wife
By David Wygant

A friend of mine was recently dating this woman. Before I tell you what happened with them, however, I want to first tell you a little about him. He is a successful entrepreneur who works his ass off, is well-traveled, good looking, caring, and likes to have a relationship with the woman he’s dating.

No, this is not a personal ad for my friend, so get your mind out of the gutter Joan. And to Bertie, he does not like offroading in vehicles.

So this friend of mine was dating a woman recently whom he found very sexy and very exciting . . . but just felt that there was something amiss with her. One day he called me and said “David, I think I have to break up with my new girl.”

When I asked him why, he told me about something that happened during a recent trip they took to a CVS store while running errands. They went into the beauty aisle and he casually said to her that he would buy whatever she needed there. She said “Thanks. I want to keep looking good, ’cause I’ll make a great trophy wife someday!”

My friend didn’t say a word in response. Later that night while talking to me, though, he said “David, I’m done.”

Now I can totally understand this, because nothing will kill a man’s erection faster than when a woman he’s dating says ‘I’ll make a great trophy wife.’ When a woman says this, all a man hears is “For how much should I make out the check?” or “How many zeros should be at the end of the check?”

Granted, some men want a trophy wife. Even the ones who want them, though, do not want to hear the woman say it. What a woman is basically saying when she says she wants to be a trophy wife is ‘I’m beautiful, hot, and I have nothing going on in my head other than wanting to be someone’s arm piece.’

If you want to kill every last bit of intimacy with a man, just tell him that you want to be his trophy wife. Hell, if you want to break up with a man, just tell him that and he’ll run immediately.

I was laughing so hard when my friend told me this story, because like my friend I am also a self-made entrepreneur who has worked long hours building up a business. The last thing I want is a woman who basically wants me to give her an allowance and put her on the payroll.

Now, granted, there are a lot of gold-digging women out there. So if you’re a gold-digger, at least learn how to be a good one. Be smart about it, and never tell a man that you don’t want to work and just want to be a trophy wife.

The only trophy I’m proud of is my 2007 fantasy football trophy that sits in my office. By the way, I won the last ten games of the season, a thousand dollars, and a whole year’s worth of bragging rights. Another trophy I am proud of is the swimming trophy I won when I was eleven.

I don’t want a blond trophy with big boobs . . . or a brunette one for that matter. It’s funny how women who are gold-diggers want men who are hardworking guys. Some of us are just a little too clever for you though.

I am very anti-gold digger, I can smell one from a mile away. I can say I’ve never been dug for gold. Some of my clients, however, have been dug for gold many times. So if you are a gold-digger and you want to be a trophy wife, can you at least be a little more clever about it the next time?

I thought all of you would get a kick out of this blog today. Now I’d like to ask all of you this question: What is the worst gold-digging story you ever heard?

For any of you who are gold-diggers and want to stand up for yourself, I am waiting to hear why you deserve a life of luxury for doing nothing other than looking pretty. Yes, I know you’ll tell me that you can suck a mean dick, but please . . . a good blow job costs only a hundred bucks which is not enough zeros to satisfy the average gold-digger.

By the way, if you are a guy who gets taken by a gold-digger, I have no sympathy for you at all. None. Zero. You get exactly what you ask for in life. If you want a hot piece of ass and all that matters to you is looks, then you’re basically asking for trouble.

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