A blog on hating people because they’re beautiful by David Wygant

Do you ever look at someone (be it a man or a woman) and just say “Wow, that person is so good-looking! Everything must be so easy for them.”

Are you a woman who will look at a woman who is in kick-ass shape and is pretty, and decide without ever talking to her that she’s a snobby bitch?

Are you a guy who when he sees a woman he thinks his really pretty and whom he wants to approach, because of your fear will make the determination without ever talking to her that she’s probably a snob or a bitch?

Do you ever look at somebody and decide they’re out of your league without even trying to talk to them?

If you’ve ever done ANY of these things, you’re 100% guilty of pretty envy. Pretty envy is judging someone based on their looks and nothing more.

I’ve known a lot of women who have pretty envy based on jealousy. Women who look at another women who is pretty, and immediately start to rip her apart, have pretty envy.

Just because someone is born with an outer shell that looks perfect, doesn’t mean that they are as confident as their looks make them appear to be.

I once worked with an actor that all of you know but whose name I won’t reveal (because when I work with a client it’s always confidential). This actor was one of the best looking men in Hollyweird, and when most women saw him their eyes would pop out of their heads. When he saw a beautiful woman, though, he’d always look down at the ground because he would assume she was a stuck up bitch.

I’ve had a ton of clients who have been great looking on the outside and nervous on the inside.

So for all of you who suffer from pretty envy when you look at someone who is good-looking, go and talk to them and see what they’re all about before judging them based on their looks. You might be surprised.

That woman who you think is such an unattainable bitch, might be excited to get some attention and might be nice as can be. Most men who suffer from pretty envy tend to do so to protect themselves from failing if they approach.

It’s time to stop judging a book by its cover . . . and it’s time to open up the book.

Share with all of us today some of your bouts with pretty envy. Have you ever judged someone and been 100% wrong when you talked to them? I want to hear from you today.