We live in a generation now where people seem to be over-parenting their children. I’ve never met a collective version of winked and wussies more so than the children of today.

It’s amazing when you go the playground, and a six or seven-year old falls to the ground. There’s always that helicopter mom that runs over before the kid can even react, smothering the child in motherly love, literally fawning over them, going “are you okay? Are you okay? Are you hurt? Can I see? Is it a boo-boo?”

Meanwhile, the kid’s not even crying at all. But the mother is hovering over. And that’s  what we call the helicopter mom.

Mothers that over-mother because, for some reason or another, she’s read all these parenting books, and she truly believes that over-mothering will bring out the most secure kid out there.

I see a lot of these over-mothered kids living in southern California. People over-do everything here. They over-analyze.

They over-self-love themselves. And they over-mother and over-father their kids.

My daughter falls to the ground, I take a look at her and I say you okay? She says I’m good, Dad. Alright, go play. Sometimes she’ll walk over and go, “I need your magic.” So show me the boo-boo. falls. She comes to me if it hurts a little bit more. Otherwise, we’re okay, because I want her to know that if she falls down, someone’s not always going to be there to pick her up. And I truly believe that that lesson is being conveyed, even in the simplest terms.

My daughter and I talk. When she has something hard to talk about, I always tell her.

You can tell me anything. I want you to know that I’ll always listen to you. I want her to gain communication skills and confidence. I have got to tell you, over-mothering or over-fathering is turning our children into pussies.

The millennials were the first results of over-parenting. They never had a thing for themselves at all. They would go and play sports, and everybody would get a trophy. Winners would get a trophy, losers would get a trophy.

They were over-mothered and over-fathered. So that’s why they have the sense of entitlement, because they were never allowed to fall down and pick themselves up.

I remember when I was five-years old, I fell down. I scraped all the skin off my nose. My father looked at me and said you know what? You’ll be okay. Let’s go upstairs and have your mom clean it. My mother cleaned it, my mother made me go to school the very next day.

I was not over-mothered or over-fathered at all. I’m not saying I’m perfect by any means. I could have used a little more parental discretion. But I think there is any really compromise between the over-mothers and the under-fathers and under-mothers.

I’m not a perfect parent at all. I definitely make my mistakes. But the one thing that I tried to convey to my daughter is that she can think for herself. She needs to be more independent, and her pain matters.

I don’t know what she’s going to turn out like, because I share her with somebody. So I have no idea what she’s going to end up like. As a matter of fact, if she was all mine, I still have no idea what she would turn out like. All I know is is that I’m not going to run over and scrape her off the ground every time she falls down.

I’ve got to get her to think and feel for herself. It’s important. I’ve never been a helicopter dad. But I’ve seen the helicopter moms and dads. And I think to myself man, those kids are going to be in for a rude awakening when mom and dad are not hovering around them as much as they do.