I get emails like this all the time, and it seriously bothers me women feel like this. “David, I feel ugly and unattractive. I’m too short/tall, and a bit chubby. How will I ever find a man while I look like this?”

Have you ever felt like this about yourself?

Do you ever look in the mirror and hate the person looking back at you?

In my opinion, the media hasn’t helped women with their self-image issues with all the glossy magazines and air-brushed models, but some women naturally struggle with the way they look. Here’s the thing, and I discuss it in the video below, but no matter how attractive/unattractive you THINK you are, when a guy checks you out, he’s telling you he finds you attractive the way you are.

No matter what you look like, there are thousands of guys out there who’d love to date you. The problem isn’t how men see you, but how YOU see yourself. This all comes down to the art of self-love, and it’s something I talk about all the time. You have to learn to love yourself as you are. You have to embrace your curves, your pimples, your height, whatever it is. When you learn to find beauty within yourself, you start to radiate that confidence, and that’s something men find attractive.

So if you find it hard to accept the way you look, or worry men don’t find you attractive, I want you to watch this video, and then to practice self-love everyday. You are a beautiful woman inside and out, and when you see a guy checking you out, he’s simply validating that. It’s time you stopped looking at the magazines, or catwalk models, and realized YOU’RE the prize. You’re an amazing catch. And you’re the kind of smart, sexy women, all men desire.

I don’t normally ask you to share things on my site, but I would ask that you share this video with all your friends. I mean it when I say it really bothers me women (and men) can feel so terrible about the way they look, when we’re all beautiful. So, watch the video, share it, and remember to work on yourself everyday. It’s not men you need to convince you look amazing, but yourself.