There’s an interesting question that’s been posed to me by a reader: Do women cut back on sex once they have you?

You know, in my experience I’ve found that once I have her I cut back on sex just to balance the table a little bit. Once I’m in a relationship with a woman, I tend to cut back on how much sex I’m
offering and I make her beg for sex a little bit just to get even with all the women that made me beg.

Ha! If you believed any part of the last two sentences, then you still must also believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

Sexual chemistry is the hardest thing to sustain in a relationship. The first six months, you’re like two lustful rabbits going after each other like you’ve never had a carrot. Once the lust starts to wear off, however, the sex starts to become repetitive. This is where most couples start to lose their intimacy.Instead of talking about new ways to turn each other on, you tend to just think that the relationship is in a new phase.

In order to keep the sex alive in a relationship, you need to be 100% open with your partner, and you have to explore new ways to turn your partner on every single day. Granted, the frequency does generally go down. But, I also know couples that still rip each other’s clothes off, and f!%k five times a week seven years into the relationship. When I ask these rabbits what their secret is, they tell me that the secret is communication.

So, when sex starts to get repetitive, or you feel that you’re getting it less often, you need to sit down with your partner and devise a whole new game plan.

Here are a few suggestions:

1) Try a little role playing if that’s your style
2) Try some mutual masturbation with toys
3) Rent a room in at the local Marriott or go on and find a fun place to retreat for one night and get out of the house
4) Go away for a weekend, pack no clothes, and spend the entire weekend
in bed. Hotels such as The W and all Starwood properties have great weekend packages in City Properties at a huge discount.

Most couples just don’t communicate any more, so they tend to think the other one is shutting down. Start to do this, and you will reconnect with your partner and remember what your relationship was like the first six months. The sex will also be better because you’ve
established a better sexual bond.

On a side note, some people will always be looking for that new car smell and, no matter what happens, they will always be looking to trade you in for the new model. We’ll talk about this in another post.