When you read this, I want you to take notice of what emotions are building up inside you.

If you get angry, I just want to know who the anger is directed towards.

Are you pissed off at me for, well, challenging you in a way you’ve never been challenged before?

I also want you to be aware of the excuses you are making when you reason what I’m about to reveal to you right now. What excuses come up for you, because I’m about to tell you what a weak man is all about.

A weak man takes no responsibility for who he is.

A weak man will read a book.

Look through a self-help program.

Get involved in a relationship.

And at the end, he will always blame somebody else for what is going on in his life.

Quite often, a man will buy one of my dating programs.

He’ll try one of the so-called techniques.

And as all of you know who have listened and watched my programs, my techniques are really good.

Because they teach you how to be an amazing communicator on whole levels of your life, which is really what seduction is all about. It’s about communication skills. Not about pickup artist hocus pocus or magic words to say.

So a weak man will go out and try to do something.

The word “try” here is a weak person’s very favorite thing. No, they won’t tell you they’ll do something. They’ll always tell you they tried it.

It’s almost like taking a bite of something and saying, “I tried it, but I didn’t like the way it tasted, so I decided not to eat it.”

Try is a weak man’s favorite word.

It’s one of the words that they hold onto all the time, so they can continue to blame other people for the life that they are living — actually, the life that they have chosen to live.

So they’ll e-mail me and say, well, I tried one of your approaches, and it just didn’t work. I’d like to see you do it.

So I’m thinking to myself, didn’t I do it in the video? Wasn’t that enough?

Then they’ll tell me they tried something else, and it just didn’t work because of where they live. Maybe they live in another country, and just well, human beings in that country just don’t respond to authentic, real masculine men.

They’ll blame me.

And then they’ll just tell me that I suck.

I’d love to meet those people face-to-face because I strongly doubt that they would actually use those words when they saw me in person. They would be cowering and shaking and continue to hide behind the Internet. Because that’s what weak people do.

They talk big.

They use big words.

They threaten on the Internet.

But if you meet them on the street, they’re meek little men that run away and hide.

And why is that?

They fail to take responsibility for anything in their life.

Because that is what a weak-minded man does.

He doesn’t take responsibility for a thing in his life.

Always constantly blaming others for the shit social life they have.

Always blaming others for the reason why they can’t meet women.

Always blaming others for the lack of money in their life, when we both know that they have money in the bank. They just don’t want to spend it because they don’t believe that what they’re about to do will work for them because they have all of these reasons why it didn’t work.

They actually buy programs and read books because they’re hoping that they’ll find a magic cure and a magic pill.

When they realize there’s no magic cure or magic pill, they’ll continue to go back to the weak mindset that they’ve had the whole time.

They’ll stay in that weak mindset. A weak mindset makes them feel better about themselves, because if they can blame others, they don’t need to look in the mirror and blame themselves.

This is the definition of a weak man.

And I could go on and on and on.

I can write probably a book on the definition of a weak man.

I can probably do 100 podcasts on the definition of a weak man.

But I’m going to leave you at this moment right now.

The only way you’re ever going to get strong is to start taking responsibility for your own life. A book you read, an audio program you get, will only give you lists and great answers if you apply them. The word “try” is a weak person’s favorite thing. You’re either going to become an “I do” man… Or you can spend the rest of your life being an “I try” man.

What type of man do you want to be?