Here’s an open letter to all you self-absorbed people.

It’s time you woke up and realized there are other people on this planet with you.

I’m talking to the people who, well, were at a stoplight and you decided to read a Facebook page, or you decide to text someone or answer an e-mail and somebody needs to honk their horn for you to move forward.

Yes, you, you self-absorbed driver who gives the finger to somebody because they actually asked you politely, honk, honk. It means move, move.

Unfortunately, we usually don’t have a bullhorn to go excuse me, can you please move? We’re being as nice as we can and as patient as we can, but we can’t sit here and hold back our day because you need to answer a text.

For all of you who have to take your phone calls in public places, from elevators to restaurants and airplanes… Nobody should be listening to your call.

The other day this guy got on the elevator having a full blown conversation, and I’m thinking, like, when is the elevator going to cut this guy’s service off? But it seems like these people have some type of superhero cell phone service. One where, literally, they never lost the signal. So you’re constantly tortured listening to their calls, wherever you go.

I’ll check my phone over and over again when they are on a call, and I’ll think to myself, no bars. How does this person have superhero bars so they can continue to talk to people and annoy everybody?

We’ve become a very self-absorbed society nowadays.

The phone is one of the culprits, but the other culprit is people who just don’t seem to care as much about people as they used to.

They seem to be thinking more about themselves. You’ll see it all over social media. Self-absorbed posts. Pictures of us that need to be validated with comments of you great, you look this, you look that.

The list goes on and on and on.

I was sitting next to somebody on an airplane a couple of weeks ago.

They were screaming into their phone the second we landed.

Maybe their ears were clogged, or maybe they just didn’t care that everybody else had to hear their conversation.

The people on the planes who allow their kids to run rampant.

The people who take too long in a public restroom. What exactly are you doing in that public restroom? In the ’80s in New York you would assume they were doing cocaine in the toilet. Nowadays, they’re taking selfies as they take a shit.

Why are you in there? Can’t you see me pacing back and forth outside the toilet as you’re sitting there reading your e-mails or reading or phone?

This is so many people.

The people who haven’t written a check in line, if they are paying by check in a grocery store. The cashier will literally ring up everything, tell them the amount, and then at that moment they whip out their checkbook. Like they’ve never been to a grocery store before.

It’s about being conscious of other people that are around you.

So, this is an open letter to all you self-absorbed people.

Wake up.

I’m tired of your behavior. I’m tired of you feeling like you’re the only one on the planet. Be aware of other people.

It’s a lesson we’re teaching not only ourselves, because I see you self-absorbed people with children.

Children! Little self-absorbed babies in self-absorbed diapers.

And I see you not even remotely caring at all about, well, the lessons you’re teaching your kids.

Anyway, that’s it with this rant today. I will talk to you all tomorrow.