Don’t sweat the small stuff. And rejection is definitely small stuff.

Even if she’s a complete and total bitch (and yeah, that happens a lot), I don’t sweat it. She’s gone from my mind within 15 seconds.

And yet, so many guys have thin skin when it comes to rejection. They’ll replay the tape in their head of the woman rejecting them, blowing them off, whatever it is, for days and days.

Well, one of my guys at a recent bootcamp had a great thing to say about dealing with rejection. And I think that if you can all reframe this and really absorb it and live with this mindset, you’ll stop taking rejection so personally and stop giving your power away as a man (which is what rejection is — it’s giving away your power to someone else).

Anyway, watch the video to see what one of my clients said about rejection and how to program your mind to literally not give a fuck whether she blows you or blows you off.

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…and if you really want to go more in-depth on rejection and how to deal with it, I dedicate a whole section of my program, 77 Bulletproof Approaches, to training your mindset to be immune to rejection. I also reveal the real reason why so many guys have a hard time with rejection, and once you know this, you’ll lose 99% of your fears and anxieties when it comes to approaching women.