The other day I was playing on Facebook. It’s not something that I do on a regular basis.

There was a guy that was full of negativity. He talked about women and the anger that he had towards them.

How he never meets good women, they all are just menopausal and angry in New York City.

I told him he needs coaching for his lousy mindset, literally.

He felt like he was being scammed.

Coaching. I’m being scammed by being coached.

The man was one of the most negative people I’ve met in a long, long time. It was one thing he said which inspired this post.

He led with money.

For some odd reason or another, he felt the need to tell everybody in the post who was reading it, that he spends his days managing his investments.

I can see why this man only meets women who are not nice or sweet, because he led with money.

Nobody asked him about what he did.

Nobody cares at all. And yet he felt the need or the desire to lead with money.

There are a lot of men that go out on dates and they lead with money. They tell women how successful they are and how much they make and how great their job is.

Or how they just brought a brand new car.

You see when you lead with money, you’re just going to get a woman that just wants one thing: your money.

When you lead with love and vulnerability you’re going to get a woman who’s open to love and vulnerability.

When you lead with negativity, you’re going to get a woman who is also negative.

You see, what we put out there energetically in the world brags and talks about how you manage your investment and real estate portfolio and other things, yet you seem to only attract women who want you for your money, guess what? You led with it. You attracted it. That’s what you got.

The only way to lead in dating is to lead with an open heart, vulnerability and authenticity.

So you can end up with the best woman that you possibly can. Otherwise, Mr. Money Man…

Mr. Negative Man…

Mr. Victim Man…

All you’re going to get from that mindset and that belief system is your exact mirror.

Mr. Negative will get Mrs. Negative.

Mr. Leads With Money will get Mrs. Takes The Money.

Mr. Victim will attract Ms. Victim.

And the list goes on and on and on. If you truly desire love, be positive, open, friendly, enthusiastic about your life, passionate, because Mr. Passion is going to attract Ms. Passion.

That’s right. And if you don’t believe it, take a look at your life! Take a look at how you conduct your life. Take a look at your thoughts. Take a look at the thoughts that you throw out there to the universe and ask me if I’m wrong. Go ahead, challenge me!

Challenge me if I am wrong.

Tell me I’m wrong. Because obviously you formulated this belief system based on your thinking, negative, positive, whatever it might be. So guess what? What you think about, you bring about. Go ahead, challenge me.