Have you ever met somebody who harps on one word? I call them One Word Sallys.

No matter what you say to them, no matter how amazing a text a might be, a conversation may be, if you say the one word that makes them rethink everything, they’re going to harp.

I once dated somebody like that.

I could write her something truly amazing.

I could literally tell her about the way that I feel. But if I said one thing, one thing, one word, she would find that one word to twist, to turn, and to re-put the dagger back in there.

She was a One-Word Sally.

That’s why, when it comes down to communicating with somebody, you need to choose your words wisely. I always tell people all the time, never have a conversation when you’re angry. Never have an important conversation when you’re angry .

You need to choose your words wisely. Why?

Because there are people out there who will literally harp and punish you for one word that you said.

If you’re with somebody like that and that’s not your personality style or your communication style, then I strongly suggest you re-evaluate the relationship or try to figure out a way to communicate with them so you’re able to have a relationship with them.

I am not good with people that harp with one word because they miss the entire meaning of everything else. Plus, they’re always looking to one-up you or have conflict with you.

There are people that get off on conflict. It turns them on. They like drama. Drama to them in a relationship is one of the greatest things, because to them, having drama in a relationship means that there’s passion and great drama through passion.

So, choose your words wisely when communicating. I’m not telling you to filter yourself… I’m just telling you just to realize who you’re dealing with.