A post about Dating Like A Dog Posted By David Wygant

Imagine for a second how simple dating would be if we conducted it like a dog:

Our masters would take us to a park where we all can play with each other. If we were like a dog, we would immediately sniff each other (no details needed here . . . and I’m not suggesting that we need to sniff each other’s asses). We could maybe casually run into each other, maybe sniff each other’s neck , or maybe see if we have good breath. If we have chemistry, then perhaps we can have our master throw the ball. I don’t suggest picking up the ball in our mouths like a dog though (picking it up with our hands will be fine). If we get bored playing and wrestling together, we can go meandering around and find another person with whom to play. We would keep this up until we find that person in the park with whom we have complete and utter chemistry.

Meeting people like dogs would be great. Dogs don’t get loaded when they go to the park. Dogs don’t need to bring six annoying friends with them, and wonder who’s going to be the designated driver. Dogs never wonder what the right thing is to say to another dog, because they’re all about natural chemistry.

Also, if a dog doesn’t want to play anymore with another dog, it just growls and the other dog will walk away. When a woman has to deal with an annoying drunk guy at a bar, she can’t growl to get him to leave, nor can she simply ignore him to get him to leave.

Think for a second if there was this great park where we could all go and play. Think about the money that could be saved by not going to all those bars and clubs. Some of us who live on the coast where real estate is so expensive would finally be able to afford our dream condominium.

In reality what’s so amazing about this concept, is that dogs never seem to run out of other dogs to meet. Dogs don’t play games. When a dog is excited to see you, it greets you and it doesn’t worry about what you think.

Even a dog that has been abandoned and beaten by previous owners, is open to all new experiences again after it receives some nurturing and lots of love from its new family. How many of you have been in bad relationships, and you carry that anger forward into your interactions with everyone you meet? If you were more like a dog, you would treat each opportunity as a new one, and you would not blame new people for things that happened in the past.

Not only that, if we were more like dogs we would handle rejection with ease. When a dog goes over to another dog and that dog doesn’t want to play, the dog just goes away and doesn’t think about it for the next six days like humans do. It will just find another dog that wants to play, because dogs naturally have the abundance principle in their souls. Or, maybe, dogs just don’t have the power to over-analyze everything like most humans do.

Each day and each moment is a new one for a dog. Each day and each moment for a human could be the same self-torture from the day before.

So in order to have a great time dating, I suggest we get our mayors to build “people parks.” Oh wait . . . we already have those. Every city has a great park, so why aren’t we engaging other humans like dogs engage other dogs. It’s time to embrace your dating life like a dog embraces its life. The only thing I don’t suggest is the ass-sniffing check and greeting.