I’m not a huge Airbnb person.

When I go away, I really want to go away. I want somebody to clean my room every single day, because I don’t get that at home.

I want my towels changed even though I’m ignoring the “be green” card and use my semi-dirty towels the very very next day.

I like room service. I don’t need somebody’s kitchen. I have my own at home. And I choose to ignore it, sometimes, at home as well.

If something breaks, I’ll have somebody to come and fix it.

I like being served and catered to and that’s why I like well, being in a hotel.

Airbnb is interesting to me.

I don’t mind occasionally renting somebody’s condo. That’s fine with me.

Sometimes cool. You can’t find a hotel, and you get multiple people to go stay in some really cool condo.

But the part of Airbnb that I don’t really get, and it’s kind of the same thing about Uber, is the close proximity to total strangers that you probably would never want to hang with.

Recently a couple friends of mine came to Los Angeles and they rented a room in a stranger’s house.

That’s like having a sleep over, potentially, with Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

I mean it’s complete trust, just because somebody has a few reviews on Airbnb, you feel moderately safe to stay in some total stranger’s house.

That to me is really strange, and it’s complete trust. It’s like the same thing about an Uber driver that I talked about. You’re getting into a car with a total stranger. He’s taking you back to the house that you live in. He knows exactly where you are and he can come knocking on your door an hour later.

But we feel safe because well, Uber has our credit card and Airbnb has our renter information. But it still is the ultimate form of trust and I think it’s a false sense of security.

You see, just because somebody has good reviews on Airbnb doesn’t mean the person who reviewed them isn’t as crazy as the person renting out a room in their house to total strangers.

It doesn’t mean that you’re not staying at someone’s house that’s weird, strange, and creepy.

But because it’s on Airbnb and somebody reviewed it, we tend to feel safe.

It just doesn’t make much sense to me.

Why travel? I want to get away from things and people and I want to have an adventure. I don’t really want to stay in somebody’s guest room that I don’t even know because, well, most of the time I travel I can stay at my friend’s guest room, for free.

So I certainly don’t need to Airbnb and pay somebody for their guest room so I can listen to a total stranger talk my ear off in the morning.

I prefer the solitary confinement of a hotel. Otherwise, I would just Airbnb in a friend’s basement bedroom, for free, instead of paying for something.

Tell me about some of your crazy Airbnb experiences down below.

I’m curious to see what your experiences were renting a room from Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger.

Do you have like, an Airbnb sexual fantasy? Maybe you think that, if it’s a woman, you can rent her room and maybe have sex in the middle of the night. Or any women have some type of, I don’t know, unfulfilled sexual fantasy with an Airbnb owner? Tell me more down below.