While I was on a recent vacation, I walked down the beach. I decided to get the hard sand workout, meaning the sand that actually is as deep as the water goes in, the water goes out, the sand gets mushy and you get a better workout.

I walked a couple of miles in the sun and it felt really good, and I thought to myself…

I don’t understand people who sit on their ass all day long.

I really don’t understand that mindset of not wanting something more out of your life. Because — and not to keep saying the same thing over and over and over again like a broken record — you only get one life. So LIVE IT.

When you’re on your deathbed, I promise you. You’re not going to regret missing that Friends re-run that you’ve already seen 10 times anyway. You’re not going to regret missing whatever fucking meme your friend posted today.

And yet, we all sit on our ass all day long.

We all have to go to work and sit in some type of chair at a desk or whatever it might be, bI don’t understand people that sit on their ass all day and do nothing physical.

They sit on their ass at work, sit on their ass in the car on their way to work.

Sit on their ass when they have a cup of coffee.

They sit on their ass all day.

They get in the car at home and sit on their ass.

Then they get home and watch TV and sit on their ass on the couch.

I don’t get it.

I don’t get people who don’t want to move, don’t want to groove, don’t want to do something physical every single day.

That’s how you stay alive. It’s how your body moves. Our bodies are not meant to just sit on our asses all day long.

But, I see it. I see people who just don’t want to move. They don’t want to.

Like the kid from The 6th Sense who saw dead people, I see people who just sit on their asses all day long.

But to move feels good. To move feels alive.

You don’t need to run a marathon every single day. You don’t need to go to gym every single day, but you need to move. The more you move the better you feel, the more your joints feel. You just can’t keep sitting and sitting and sitting.

Anyway, take a walk today.

Walk around.

Enjoy the day.

Talk to people on your walk. See things on your walk, whether you live by the beach, as some of you do, or you live in a city, which some of you do, or you live in the suburbs. Just walk around the neighborhood. Get off your ass and get moving and do it every single day.

If you have kids, do it with the kids. Take walks with the kids. Show your kids how to move so we can get the next generation to move instead of sitting on their asses.

Any kid can be handed an iPad or sit in front of the television. You’ve got to teach your kids how to move and exercise. When I was a kid, we ran, we played, we did these things.

And now kids sit there with their little electronic devices watching little gadgets or little animals or little machines move, or they Snap chat away.

So, get off your ass. That’s it.

Walk. Move. Play. Enjoy. Get your body going. You’ll feel better as well.