The biggest misconception in today’s modern world is that you’re going to “find love.”

You hear it over and over again.

“Oh don’t worry about it, love will find you.”

“When you least expect it, love is going to find you.”

“You’ll find love, you’re a great person.”

“You’re a fantastic catch.”

“Love is coming to find you.”

Yeah alright, does love have a GPS? Is love on Waze? Is love part of Google Maps? Because the way people speak and the way they speak about love is entirely wrong.

Love is not found, it’s actually generated between two people.

Love is generated.

Let’s talk about what that means.

Love is generated.

How do you generate love? Well first off, you choose somebody. You choose somebody and you realize that the fantasy love or the romantic love is going to burn off pretty fast.

Something is going to happen. The quicker the romantic love burns off, the more you can actually see how you can both generate love together.

A lot of people want to be in the romance stage, the fantasy stage, for a long time. But me, I want to generate the love.

I want to see how somebody is under pressure. I want to see how they react to something. I want to see how they react to something that I’ve done or something that I’ve said.

I’ve want to see if they make a small thing into a big thing, because it’s going to show me the way that they handle themselves under pressure.

I want to see how they judge me if I do something wrong.

Because when you’re in fantasy love, nobody can do wrong.

Love that’s generated between two people is real love.

Because it’s a love that will actually show you that somebody will do something wrong. We don’t have any intent — at least I don’t in my personal relationships — to hurt people.

You can’t make somebody understand you. You can’t make them understand who you are and what you’re all about.

You won’t be able to generate love like some magic trick. You’ve got to commit to love.

I’m fully committed to love. When I’m with somebody, I am fully committed to them as a person.

I know they’re not perfect, I know they’ve got issues, I know they’ve got baggage.

I know they’ve got triggers.

I know they’re not perfect in any way, shape, or form.

I accept who they are in person because I’m there to generate love with them.

I’m there to go on this journey, this journey called love. I’m there to grow with them because I know the second I get triggered really bad, that’s when the real journey of love starts.

The fantasy love is over. The romantic love part is over.

Thank God.

It doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to be romantic nights, and fantastic nights of easygoing fun, giggling and laughing and all that stuff.

It just means that, well, the real lessons are about to show up, so buckle down.

That’s when you want to put your safety belt on. That’s when you want to put the airbag and make sure it’s still working, because that’s when you actually generate real love.

Too many people can’t handle that. They want to bail because they don’t know how to receive love and they don’t know to generate love back, and they want to bail at the first sign of distress.

They’ll rationalize it in their mind. They’ll create a story that enables them to get out.

Yeah, that’s right, you did that.

Real love is generated.

I’m so sick of fantasy love.

Real love is experienced between two people and love is a journey. A journey that is going to make you look deep in your mirror and really look deep at yourself.

Real love is generated. Are you ready for real love?