Nowadays, anybody can have a blog.

Anybody can post articles on any website.

Doesn’t seem like any website screens the people that post the information up there.

The other night, I just decided to get other people’s perspective around love.

I was curious about love, and I wanted to read about other people’s perspective.

And what I found really sad was a bunch of big sites that had great rankings on Google promoting articles from people who absolutely had no right to be talking about love and their skewed opinions on it.

And that might come across as ostentatious of me, or ego-filled, or whatever you want to call it, but let me tell you something.

After 17 years of doing this, yeah, I’m going to write an article, I’m going to give you a perspective that’s not only based on, well, my perspective in life, but the perspective of all the people I’ve coached, worked with, read the e-mails, and did seminars about love and relationships for 17 years.

I’ve earned my “expert” status.

I read some articles from other people, and I thought, who the hell are these people with their skewed opinions and their broken relationships, vomiting words all over the Internet?

I read one article from some woman who was so scorned and so bitter and so angry about what men did that she thoroughly did not believe in love at all. She thought that you need to be together for three years before living together. That was her skewed way of looking at things.

Not statistic-based, not based on coaching or any real experience, not really life-based at all. Just had to come down to her last relationship. She moved in too quickly with this guy and was spewing her vomit and hate for him all over the Internet. And because she wrote for a big site, she was able to get good SEO (shorthand for ranking high on Google) and a lot of shares on social media, skewing other people on that opinion as well.

I continued to go deeper into the Internet, and I started reading everything from the first page of Google that I can find on the subject of:

  • Living together.
  • When to get married.
  • When to fall in love.

…and NOT ONE person that was on the front page of Google was an expert.

Not one. They were all just a lifestyle blogger, or a love-scorned woman or love-scorned man, or however they titled themselves. Not one of them had a coaching practice at all. Not one. Not one was even a therapist.

It amazed me, but then again it didn’t. Because in today’s day and age, we reward stupidity on a daily basis.

We follow people on Instagram, we follow people on Twitter, we follow people on Facebook that we shouldn’t even follow at all just because they’re pretty damned good at marketing and really good at keywords and getting found on Google.

But yet, we do this non stop, and then we read these articles, and then we take on people’s really shallow opinions that offer no research based on facts and talking to people.

Just shallow opinions based on a relationship that they just had. Now, don’t get me wrong, there were some good articles, there were some interesting articles, but not one of them was based on anything but a narrow-minded opinion of some love-scorned or love-wishing human being. That’s why I tell you people all the time:

Research your damn gurus.

Stop following people who have not earned their stripes or earned the guru status.

Whether you follow me on a daily basis or not, whether you like my podcast, whether you enjoy my blog and writing, that’s your opinion. But I can tell you this: when I spew my words all over the Internet, I fucking know what I’m talking about.

Because I’ve lived it. Not only have I lived it myself, not only have I lived all my programs, not only have I worked on myself, but I’ve been connecting and coaching for 17 years with people.

And, I’ve got a database full of unbelievable healers I talk to as well.

Once again, I’m not angry at people’s opinions, because everybody’s entitled to an opinion. All I’m asking is this: the next time you Google something and you take something as pure wisdom, look at the person before you take their words to heart. It’s just one person’s opinion based on an experience that they recently had in their life, and that is the beauty of writing.

You ask any writer what their best therapy is, and they’ll tell you it’s their writing.

I love my writing. It’s therapeutic to me. So once again, I’m fine with other’s people’s opinions. Sometimes I’ll read them and I’ll listen to their pain and hear how they feel and it’s great. But I also take it with a big grain of salt, because it’s not my experience. Because I truly believe that strong people create their own experiences. Nobody, including myself, can tell you how to fall in love.

Look, I enjoy reading other people’s perspective.

I like to see them heal through writing. I can feel their pain, feel their agony, feel who they are. I mean, it’s a pretty cool thing to be able to do that, you know, to be able to have the power to write. Some of their words are beautiful. I can see where their hearts are broken and how they’re feeling and how they’re processing things.


Be careful when you’re reading something, because you’ve taken their words of wisdom and following their advice and following it to heart, and you’re just getting a perspective based on somebody of where to act in their consciousness, in their own mind set.

Always understand that, as an evolved person, you make your own choices. Your own choices to be who you want to be, to marry who you want to marry.

To move in when you want to move in.

You can tell somebody you love them when you love them.

Life has no boundaries, and that’s how I live.