A post about being too busy to date by David Wygant

If you’re actively trying to meet somebody, but yet every time you meet someone you’re so busy that you’re next available time to go on a date with someone is ten days away, why bother dating??

Dating is all about creating time in your life to connect with other people. If you’re out there on the market and your next available date time is two weeks away, take yourself off the market until you’re able to balance your time.

Here is the reason why: If you meet someone spectacular and you’re in the middle of your “busy being busy” phase, you won’t have time to nurture that connection. What happens then is that this great person will lose interest, and they will be out of your life before they even had the chance to be in your life.

Now I know some people are thinking: “What if I tell them I’m super busy for the next two weeks and can’t hang out?” That’s acceptable. But if you are super busy for the next two weeks, you need to make the effort to reconnect with that person when the two weeks is over. Be a person of your word.

If you’re a woman and you’re super, super, super busy, don’t tell a guy “Let’s get together in two weeks,” tell him that you’ll call him in two weeks to set something up. By making that call, you’ll be a person of your word…and actions do speak louder than words.

The rule here is: If you’re the one whose is busy, YOU have to make the reconnecting phone call when you’re less busy.

If you’re on an online dating site and you’re super busy for two weeks, hide your profile for two weeks.

If you don’t have time to date, don’t! I’m all about taking time outs when needed. But by being busy and still trying to meet people when you don’t actually have the time to meet them, you may just miss out on that amazing person!