“She broke up with me out of the blue”

Have you ever thought that when you were in a relationship that came to an end? Have you ever been completely taken by surprise?

I don’t think there’s any truth to a statement like that. Nobody gets dumped just like that out of the blue. Nobody wakes up one morning, everything perfect in the relationship, and then gets dumped just like that out of the blue. Similarly, nobody in a wonderful relationship wakes up one morning and decides to dump their significant other out of the blue, just because they felt like it for no particular reason. It doesn’t work that way.

If you got dumped and it came out of nowhere, it is because you were oblivious to all the warning signs from your partner. Or you chose to ignore all the signs. You weren’t really paying attention to them. You ignored the conversations where she (or he) was trying to tell what was on their mind, you ignored the body language, the emotional disconnect, you’ve ignored or been oblivious to everything.

How To Dump Her

There are always warning signs in relationships. There are always signals that tell you when things are going well and things are going poorly. The successful relationships are those where both of you pay attention to each other’s signals, you work to please each other, to communicate, and work things out when you hit a rough patch. And when it comes down to being broken up with all of a sudden out of the blue, it’s because there was a breakdown in the communication, you did nothing to reach out to him or her, and you chose to ignore all the signs of a failing relationship.

You are never broken up with “out of the blue.” It just doesn’t exist. If you’re in a relationship, I want you guys to take some time and really open up to your partner, really make sure that you are communicating with them, and that you’re not turning a blind eye to their needs. I want you guys to think about that for today.