We were having a funny conversation the other day and I was just wondering: do women ache like men ache?

You must be thinking right now, where is he going with this? Ache? Like in the heart? Or does he mean ache with desire?

You know that some men suffer from a severe case of blue balls. For those women who don’t understand blue balls, I wrote a great blog about it about six months back, but here’s a quick review.

A man suffers from blue balls when a woman is teasing him mentally, emotionally, and physically, but yet doesn’t deliver on any type of release. Your balls tend to swell up at this point, but they don’t necessarily turn blue. But they do turn very large and a painful shade of red.

And when you have blue balls and this incredible desire, it feels like you are carrying around 30 lb weights between your legs. If you’ve ever seen a rat walking around with swollen balls, that is exactly what blue balls feel like.

But the question I’ve always had is this: do women get blue lips?

Do they ever ache with so much desire that their lips actually hurt? Do they walk around and feel the pain in their lips all day long?

Do women have blue lips? Do blue lips even exist?

I’m curious about this. Many women don’t think that blue balls actually exist. Many women think blue balls are a farce.

But I’ve had blue balls throughout my life – when I’m really turned on by a woman, all she has to do is text me and I’ll get blue balls.

Perhaps some of us are just more sensitive down there. Some of us might really like the color blue.

But do women have blue lips? That’s the question that I’m trying to figure out today.

I need the women of the blog to chime in right now and let me know: do you suffer from blue lips?

Or is blue lips a myth, just something in my mind? Blue balls is a reality, but is blue lips just a myth?