It is extreme honesty month and women crave men who are men of their words.

If you tell a woman you’re going to call her, then you call her.

If you have sex with a woman, you don’t become text dependent. You don’t text her for two days. You get on the phone and you call her. You don’t substitute text conversations thinking that they’re real conversations.

Real men are men of their word.  

Women crave it, women desire it, and women deserve it. It makes them feel secure. It makes them feel good about showing their body, their heart, their soul, and their everything-else with you.

When you tell a friend you’re going to help him move on Saturday, you show up and you do it no matter what.

When you tell somebody you’re going to pick them up from the airport and you don’t feel like it at the last minute, you either pick them up or you pay for their cab.

It’s about becoming a man of your word. What you say is what you do.

There are a lot of talkers out there. They talk the talk but when it comes down to walking the walk, they have absolutely no concept of how to do it.

If you break your word with somebody, the first thing you need to do is apologize and explain yourself and admit that you were wrong.

There are no excuses in life and we’re full of them.

I was going to call you, but time ran out.

I was thinking about you, I texted you.

No. You call when you say you’re going to call. Women crave it, women desire it, and women deserve it.

Become a man of your word. That’s what this month is all about: becoming extremely honest.

If you run into somebody and they confront you on something that hurt them in the past, instead of going into defense mode, man up.

Look at them straight in the eyes and say, “You know what, I was wrong, you were right.”

It’s going to throw them a bit. They’re going to look at you and say, “You don’t really need to explain yourself,” and that’s when you become an even better man.

You look at them and say, “Yes I do, you deserve it. You deserve an explanation, you deserve the truth. And I feel honored to be able to deliver it to you.”

No more white lies.

No more beating around the bush.

Ask for what you want. Make promises that you can keep and if you don’t keep the promises, admit your mistake and become a man of your word.

. . .

I hope everybody had a really good week.

Share with me some of your breakthroughs, some of your raw, honest moments.

And also please share with me if you broke down and weren’t 100% honest and why.