Patience is everything. The reason why I am successful in life is that I’ve been patient.

I was successful business-wise when I was younger, but I was so impatient that I kept sabotaging myself along the way. When you are impatient you begin to sabotage everything you do – instead of letting things play out naturally and happen the way that they are supposed to, you force things. When you force something, you turn other people off – in both business and your personal life.

So how does this relate to dating?

I will tell you exactly how. For instance, I was supposed to have a date for lunch today. As I was driving to meet her, I was on the phone with my brother, talking about the Mets being in first place (which, by the way, is fantastic and is also about patience!)

So I was on my way there, and the woman I was supposed to meet told me that something came up at the last minute for her business and she would need to meet later on. Unfortunately, my schedule is pretty tight during the week, but I told her that was no problem at all. We texted back and forth and we set up a date for another time.

Most people would have reacted to that experience by saying, oh, what a flake – canceling at the last minute? What’s up with that?

But something came up! It’s called being understanding to other people’s needs and their lifestyles. Just because it didn’t transpire in the way you expected it to doesn’t mean that you have to react in that way. It’s not about you.

It’s all about developing patience. The more patient you are the better things are going to be for you. Something I tell anybody that I coach is that we are out there to flirt with people today and get to know people today. When we’re out meeting people today, you might find somebody that you’d like to take out today.

Or you might meet somebody that you just don’t connect with today. But if you’re patient and open, you might run into them again in a few months and they might be ready to talk.

You’re building your social network not only for today, but also for the future. As you can see, nothing is really in the past. You might think that the past is ruining your present, but it’s not.

So be patient in everything you do. If you have patience, good things will come to you – from money to love to friendship and everything else.

Fridays video is all about how to become patient when meeting the opposite sex.

Time to stop the crazy pickup routines taught by nicknamed man boys.

Its time to be patient and learn some real confidence.